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Blood results back

Well this is the first time I have been tested by my GP I believe. I was tested by Tommys back in 2004 and Prof Hughes said we could get Anticardiolipn tests done again but with the GP.

So when I rang they said no further action. I insisted I would like to know all the values. She said it said 43gt. So I dont have a clue nothing on the net corresponds with that. I have rung the Lupus Centre and the secretary said to get them faxed to the Prof, but that their tests did not correspond to that.

the GP also chose to check my INR (never had that done either in 8 years) well 1 hour before the blood test it read 3.3 (on my machine) but it seems the test showed 2.8. Oddly despite the fact my records show it should 3.5 they still said no further action required.

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Now I have spoken to the GP secretary who thinks 43gt is the name of the test!. It says deeper in the file that the range is 0-10 and mine is 7. I am still no wiser.


You need to ask the GP exactly what test this is because it sounds as if she has run the wrong one or your local lab has specific results which can happen for some things in some labs. Does not sound right to me though.


I have found that it is to do with you anticardolipin result. Which at 7 I think I am right in saying would be negative. Take a look here and work down to 43gt

You are within your rights to ask for any copies of any tests you have had done so just call back and ask if they will leave a copy in an envelope for you to come and pick up.


Thanks for that, not that I could make head nor tail of it. I think knowing my luck you will be right and I am negative again.

My son had the test done from my Drs and they said it was negative and Prof Hghes did it and said it was positive.

I amcurious about the INR I know Ifelt my INR was in range that day and 3.3 seemed right but for their system to come up with 2.8 and say no action was necessary is odd.

I feel quite deflated now and wish I had not bothered.


I would not worry too much about the blood test results. we all know that 25% of us are seronegative and thats because the tests are failing us not us failing the tests!

Prof Hughes gave a great example of the fact he has identical twins as patients, one tests positive the other negative - I think that says it all.

I recently had a strongly positive test and got all excited only to be told it was probably wrong - a mistake in the lab or something but to view it with suspicion because I am always negative. That is because they KNOW we are negative but have this disease. So do not be put off we are a special breed!! :-D

As for your INR - there is always (or almost always) some disparity between the results taken of bloods especially a venus sample and your machine. Again expect this and I know you have not been getting yours checked against another machine. perhaps you should have it calibrated so at least you know its in the right ball park. Even so 2.8 is pretty close to the 3.00 that Prof likes so you are not that far out, so dont be too disappointed. You are on the right track.


Can you explain what the INR levels mean? Not had my INR checked in such a long time (or at least not advised to me other than to say everything is ok) so not sure what is high/low, good/bad. Thanks.


Hi Lissylou I am quite new to this INR testing after developing a PE following surgery in September. I was told my range should be between 2 and 3. Several people on here talk about their range being between 4 and 5 so I was a bit confused and as I was treated by my local hospital (in whom I don't have much faith) I rang St Tommies and was assured that the 2 - 3 range was correct for me due to the type of clot I had. So I think it depends on how the medication you are on works for you and where and what type of clot you have. Before surgery I had never had a clot and was only on 75mg aspirin daily.


Lissylou, a normal persons INR without treatment is 1.0 but if you are on warfarin then some people are on between 2-3 and others between 3-4.5 personally when I was on warfarin Prof Hughes told me to keep mine above 3 and aim at 3.5. If it fell below 2.5 I would inject Fragmin. There is a lot of controversy about where INR should be but most people with Hughes will say they feel better when they have it over 3. Doctors however start to get panicky as they are afraid of bleeding. The rule of thumb would be to have your INR as low as you can but controlling symptoms.


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