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New symptoms - aching, heavy legs and swelling above ankles?

Over the last 2 or 3 months I've developed some new symptoms that are getting more frequent. Heavy and aching (almost to the point of being painful now) legs from my knees down and swelling bottom of shin/calf down to ankles. Rest helps its taking days now for these symptoms to go and I'm now waking up in the morning and the legs are already complaining. This has started fairly recently and I haven't had anything like it previously at all. I've had several DVTs but I actually didn't feel anything with those and it was only when I got PE did they find out I had DVTs. I am on anticoagulation and my INR was 3.7 last week so in my right range. Anyone any ideas on what is going on and tips on how to manage this?

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Hi there, I hope you have a good GP or local access to good care. If it were me I would be wanting to have some tests run, as a number of conditions can cause this beyond what we have, If it is visibly bad and making you feel awful, go and check it out. When I have not had proper care, I have gone to the walk in clinic miles away and had better on the spot diagnosis for things for myself and children. I hope you get some sort of resolution quite quickly. Mary F


I agree with mary if it is causing this much discomfort you need to get it checxked out by the Doc. Let us know how it goes.



I have this ... seems like i have most things.I describe it as having toothache in my legs. I keep mentioning it to consultant and gp but its sort of been noted but nothing done.I will be having physio soon and will mention it there.


i hope my experiences of this problem can help you. i have been diagnosed with several food allergies that affect my legs. when i eat foods i am intolerant to i get swollen legs, aching legs to the point i can hardly walk! i also take magnesium malate and zince and selenium for this. magnesium relaxes the muscles. i have given up tomatoes, potatoes,all dairy and egs and i feel so much better. Try finding someone to diagnose any food allergies to see if this will help or try yourself first by giving up say dairy for a week or so and wheat to seee if it helps. good luck and keep trying!!


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