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What can I do to relieve very heavy periods and possibly improve pre menstrual symptoms?


Further to the recent question regarding pre menstrual exacerbation of symptoms, I have a related one. Since starting warfarin my pre menstrual symptoms appear to have worsened (I feel generally very unwell, very tired, and may get one or more of the following: extreme nausea, very anxious and sometimes almost aggressive, rotational vertigo and falling over, clumsiness to the point of managing to injure myself). Is this 'simply' the Hughes or is it in any way warfarin related do you think? Also my periods are becoming ridiculously and very unpleasantly heavy and I am utterly exhausted . All this means that for 7 or 8 days every cycle I am almost completely out of action, spending most of my time lying or sitting down. Is there anything I can do about any of this? I believe that some women take progesterone, in some form or other e.g. implant, pill(?). What are your experiences and would you recommend it? (Does it improve the periods but in some make premenstrual symptoms worse, for example?) Is there anything else that might be done? Many thanks in advance.

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Do you have a 'Well Woman Clinic' near you? I saw a Gynaecologist specialising in Menstrual Disorders and she was very helpful and understanding. I was unable to tolerate any of the usual treatments. Unfortunately she hadn't diagnosed me with Hughes Syndrome at that time. She prescribed a monthly implant called 'Zoladex' which stopped my periods and I felt better,

Avril x

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Hi yes I had Zoladex too but this completely shut down my hormones prior to having laser treatment for this very reason. Zoladex gave me menopausal symptoms (night sweats and hot flushes) which came on hard and fast. My hair went grey as my hormone level dropped like a stone. I had to have 2 or 3 Zoladex injections every four weeks prior to op but once I had the op the symptoms were relieved for some months. However, I did go on to have a hysterectomy 18 months later.

I had depo provera for a year,my periods stopped altogether, they took a further year to return once I came off it.

More recently I have had tranexamic acid which worked for a while (only if I started it a couple of days before my period was due)

Currently am going through the menopause and have not a clue when they are arriving so the t acid no good for me now.

I would make a GP appt to discuss your options, as Absnotfab said, you could become anemic, as I often do,am currently taking yet another course of iron.

Do talk to a GYN as there are A number of causes and solutions. Progesterone cream helped me a lot, but we're all different --especially when it comes to hormones!

While my PMS wasn't affected, my actual cycles were as you described. I was down for the count for 7 or 8 days too. I hesitated to go out for fear of embarrassing accidents and was exhausted from the blood loss. It was so heavy nothing worked. Finally, I had an endometrial ablation procedure done. They either scald (Thermal ablation) or scrape the endometrial layer out. I had it done many years ago and haven't bled a drop since. I've heard some women have to get the procedure re-done down the road. I'm not sure how old you are or if you're done having children, but you ma want to discuss it with your gynecologist.

Hi I had very heavy bleeding for nearly 5 months I was at the point were I couldn't walk I was so weak I was in a right mess they put me on all the tablets they could to try stop them but nothing worked i begged for a hysterectomy but they wouldn't do it so in the end they put the mirena coil in an I avent looked bk since don't get periods at all now hope they sort it for u soon xx

I had an endometrial ablation too and now my bleeding is very little. I recommend it, unless you still want children. I didn't want to use ANY hormones due to clot risks.

I also had an endometrial ablation. It worked wonders. No more bleeding or painful cramps.

If you have heavy periods warfarin will usually make it worse, but I doubt it would affect PMS.

Mirena coil is supposed to be safe for APS. The ablation too. Mirena coil is progesterone. You may want to get a referral to a gynaecologist.

I was diagnosed APS last year though I can track symptoms back 20 years with late miscarriages - 17 week scans with perfect looking baby but no heartbeats. My periods were so so bad. Endometriosis was suspected but never confirmed. Anyway I had a Mirena coil fitted and the past 5 years have been just fab! I could not have coped with APS and the menstrual stuff which in itself was bad. Have just had Mirena removed 2 weeks ago as I am now near menopause and started bleeding heavily within just 3 days of removal.

You need to talk to your GP. Mirena is thought to be Ok with Aps and it was a real blessing for me.


Thanks stillwaiting (and everyone else). Ablation seems, having looked it up, rather dramatic (I'm a big wooss when it comes to medical procedures!) but perhaps the Mirena coil is worth trying as a first shot - it can always be removed if it doesn't agree with me.

Heavy bleeding and irregular bleeding both are serious issues that cannot be neglected, it is essential that you should consult with a good doctor about this so that there are no further complication. Regular exercises can help in preventing from pre-menstrual syndromes. Try this it will really help you a lot.

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