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MIGRAINE TYPE HEADACHE - pounding, pressure


Well for the last two weeks, my head has been pounding like made pressure on top of head, behind ears, lymph node area, and because I went for usual INR check, I had my blood pressure checked and it was 164/100 and I consequently saw the GP who gave me beta blockers and she explained that the high blood pressure was causing the pains etc. I went back today and it has lowered to 144 but still getting headaches etc and the GP whom I saw said to take 50mg of beta blocker and then go back on Monday. He looked at the back of eyes and said okay. Iam just wondering if someone has experienced this? When I took the beta block 2 days ago, they the headaches disappeared.

It is driving me mad - since having spleen taken out and started on Warfarin, I have nothing but trouble. And yet when I was just on Aspirin I could cope with the little niggles.

Hopefully I will be sorted out at Tommys in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for the information I received.

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Hi daisy

the trauma of surgery however necessary can have a negative impact on us. I believe i went into massive flare 2006/7 I lost my nan, then a very close friend got killed in Iraq. I then had yet another miscarriage, dvt and pe, still undiagnosed i had to have a hysterectomy in 2008 and everything downhill from there.

Diagnosed 2010 been to tommies twice and getting their.

I do understand re the migraines etc, tommies will help.

I took all test results, daily diary of symptoms (2wks) worth and a list of questions plus letter telling them how awful life was!! And they listened!!!

I hope it helps a little knowing that others understand.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxx jessielou xxx :-) :-) :-)


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