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Calling all lupus patients!

The United Kingdom's (UK) National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recently released its preliminary recommendation to NOT cover the cost of Benlysta(R) through the National Health Service.Their preliminary recommendation could have a devastating international impact on the survival of this important new treatment, and it may have a chilling effect on the future development of new lupus drugs thereby denying physicians and patients appropriate treatment options.

This is the first new drug for lupus in 52 years and has already been agreed in the states.

Join us in our call to action by urging NICE to recommend that the United Kingdom's National Health Service provide coverage of Benlysta(R) by joining this petition:

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I have a few friends... not on this site... who I will forward this to xx M


Thanks M :) x


Already signed and will put on our website and circulate through our support groups.


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