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Still Waiting on Both Fronts!!!!

Hi all

Gp now come up with the "shared care" as a reason for not prescribing the Plaquenil!! Ho hum, more phone calls tomorrow.

Pub on hold for up to three weeks, having difficulty getting them to leave even more phone calls tomorrow.

Stressed!!!! Trying hard to chill but not having much success!!!!

One day I hope things may just be easy, just for one day would be nice!!! Lol!!

Take care all, gentle hugs Sheena xxxxxx Jessielou xxxx :-) :-) :-)

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Hi Jessie - Sorry you are having a bad time! Sounds much like us.... just moved, last lot left the place like a pigsty so everyone trying to sort it out. Trouble they were here because of a fire so the insurance company were paying for everything including the security deposit which now has to be got back from the. Until that happens there is no money to put things right.

Last week we had there latest gift...fleas!!! So we had to get out while the whole house was fumigated and our dogs had to go and get bathed etc. I have that to look forward to for the next three weeks too!! I know what stress is like at the moment, I keep saying to my other half I want to run away and hide!!

I too am trying to get Plaquenil from my GP so snap on that too. Lets see who gets it first ha! Chin Up.


Hi Lynn

maybe both get the plaq sorted this side of Christmas!!!!

Sorry to hear you stressed too, i hope you get rid of the small visitors soon!!! :-( :-(

Keep on truckin as my nan used to say, I am trying!!!!

Hope everything gets better soon for both of us!!

Take care, gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jessielou xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Sheena and Hughes

I am sorry you two have been having issues and feeling low. I hope you get everything sorted soon.

as my motto is always look on the bright side of life!!!



Oh hun....I do hope you get the OK to try Plaquinil soon.

Also the 3 weeks goes quickly so you can enjoy the end of the bar & I will join you! :)

Try not to get stressed....she says!!

Don't even get me started on the doc' side right now!!!!!!

Big hugs being sent over to you xx


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