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Lupus Flare Up!

I think I am having a Lupus flare up again. My hair is falling out more than normal, skin is bright red, my body is painful everywhere, I am so exhausted.

My last big flare up of this kind was in February/March of this year.

Do I just see it through or call St Thomas' but they will want to see me and I would not be fit enough for the 2 1/2 hour journey.

What do you think?

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Hi there, you need to get an appointment with whoever normally looks after you, and if that is St Thomas, explain how urgent it is. I would not hang about if it is this bad, they might need to adjust something x Mary F x


With autoimmune flares, it is best to treat ASAP. Less meds are then needed to kick the flare under the table, and, in the case of some, less damage is done to the body over all. So, iMHO, screw your courage to that sticking post and go see whoever, wherever, you need to.

Good luck.



It's really best to accurately document your medical history. If this is a flare, your numbers will probably reflect that. If it's not a flare it should be researched as to what it is. It doesn't seem important now, but five years down the line it may differentiate this disease from another that research has not yet enlightened us about. It's worth it to be sure. You don't need the stress of wondering on top of the rest of your symptoms. Wouldn't you feel better being sure? Only those lab tests can absolutely give you that answer. I hope your flare is over by the time you read this, but it should be documented anyway. I suggest you call your doctor and at least let him know what is/was going on. Perhaps he feels he can call it a repetitive flare having seen them demonstrated in your body before. I do know the medical field has to work a little different in rural areas. I believe this will be gone in the next five years with the advent of electronic medical records. When it is instituted in all hospitals any patient's complete medical history from birth to the instant you are at will be available at the push of a password.

Well, I hope this helps you and that you feel better soon.

Warm wishes,



Hi hon,

Sorry to hear you appear to be flaring, it's so horrible. Do get in touch with med team for a check, hopefully they can adjust meds or advise on other treatments.

Thinking of you n hope you feeling better soon.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Are you on steroids? If it is a lupus flare your steriods may need to be higher and if not on steroids you may need them. Supressing your autoimmune system needs to be done in all lupus patients.



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