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IBS and flare up's. Are they linked?

Hi everyone. Just wondered if anyone else on here has IBS and if they notice it flaring up at the same time as an 'aps' flare or vice versa? Since loosing my latest pregnancy by back has been giving me a lot of jip as well as memory issues and now I'm having a flare up of IBS. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar or knows if they are linked etc..

Many thanks

Kate xxx

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Hi there, my own personal opinion is... that all autoimmune conditions make the stomach a bit sensitive and also usually there is a link with gluten sensitivity. I put the name of a book up under somebody's blog earlier, which has very good advice in it re the gut!. Mary F x

and my reply copied from elsewhere today! x Yes good advice re the inflammation and this book, is a very good read in terms of the gut, lots of snipped useful for all autoimmune conditions, which is why I read it, regardless of the list of diagnosis is primarily for. The information around proboiotics and healing a sore stomach I found invaluable:

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism,ADD/ADHD,Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,Depression,Schizophrenia [Paperback]

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. MMedSci(Neurology). MMedSci(Nutrition)

available for not too many pennies via amazon 2nd hand books, my favourite supplier beyond local library!

Mary F


If you don't know what "TMI" means, you will before you finish reading this post.

If you have " leaky gut" syndrome, then the inflammation has caused the celia in your small intestine to retract. If these celia retract then your intestine does not look like the shag carpet it should, but rather like a PVC pipe. If you small intestine looks like a PVC pipe then uou are not absorbing a lot of nutrients, including fat based molecules. if you are not absorbing fat based nutrients, then there fats remain in your gut. In which case, your stools float. (TMI-"too much information" -- right?)

So if the above scenario sounds familiar, you might want to explore food sensitivities. Gluten is the prime offender, bit there are others: peanuts, soy, casein ( milk products,) wine.

Leaky gut has 2repercussions for us: first, our immune systems go into overdrive to cope with the leaked stuff, and second, we do not absorb many of the nutrients which help regulate the immune system.

Sorry for the TMI, but, in a personal conclusion, yes, I have noted a very strong connection between IBS symptoms and renewed or additional Hughes symptoms.


Thank you both for the info... forever learning huh :-). Xxx


Hi Kate. I've never been diagnosed with IBS, but I find that when I get a general flare up of my APS symptoms, I also get a upset tummy with pain, irregularity, weird food reactions and, of course, wind! When Hughes Syndrome entered my life, my dignity disappeared out the window!

Incidentally,the recent heat has caused a major flare for me, and I've been feeling terrible and very delicate, especially at night. Larraine x


I have IBS pretty much all the time so don't know if its related to flares or not. I do find that probiotics help. There is one called IBS Support. I also have gastritis and a hiatus hernia and a ring at the top of my oesophagus making swallowing difficult basically a lot of gut discomfort. I also take Nexium for the gastritis which does seem to help that some of the time.


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