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Dr Tim Godfrey...FINALLY!!!.....ANSWERS

Hi folks....its been a wile.

OK I went to Melbourne and saw Dr Tim Godfrey. He doesnt have the best bedside manner and has the driest sense of humour i have seen for a while. He ran blood test that all came back negative apart form borderline Lupus. His diagnosis based on clinical symptoms is Hughes!. He also mentioned that the blood testing laboratories here in Australia are not really set up the do in depth testing like they do in the UK specifically at St Thomas's. He concluded that with my INR never stabilising at all that warfarin was pretty much useless and he has upped my clexane to 3 needles a day of 60mg to be increased to 4 needles or even 6 once we see how I progress. He also feels that after examination that i have either damage from or a blood clot in the sub clavian artery. So i am heading for a Doppler scan. He also wants me to have a spect MRI as he feels that micro embolis are causing damage to the fine vessels in the brain. I was also given all his contact details should i need his help at any stage and he is going to have skype consults. Its not a cure...but its affirmation and better management....So I can highly recommend him for anyone here in Australia.

I am getting more symptoms now and have been put on pramipexole for the shakes I am getting.

I cannot speak more highly of this doctor. He was part of the research team with Prof Hughes and therefore understands the fickle nature of the condition.

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Hi there, great to hear your progress on here, from so far away, so pleased that you managed to touch base with a medical professional who understands and has the in depth knowledge and training to investigate correctly. Please keep us updated, and sending you the very best wishes for your ongoing progress. Mary F x


Thanks so much Mary...(HUGS)


That must be a huge relief for you! As Mary says keep us informed of your progress x


How marvellous to finally have some answers. So pleased for you. :)


I am really pleased mystnzl I know it's been a long time coming but I am really pleased for you.



Pleased that your consultation went well.

Hope you don't mind me saying but 60mg Clexane three times daily sounds like a very big dose. I am on 80mg once daily and that is considered to be quite a lot especially as it can cause osteoporosis!

Don't mean to interfere but wonder if you should just double check this.



nope ...i have very thick blood and develop clots...normally a multitude,....warfarin has had no affect at all.......i have an unstable inr....i also produce micro embolis....they are trying this out as a new approach as I have also been getting seizures....none for a month now and I also stopped warfarin an month ago.


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