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eye bleed

I went to the optican for my regular check and found out I have a bleed in my righeye. I am going to see the specialist but not for several weeks. I do get pain in it from time to time but neither the optician or my GP knew what may have caused it except to say the clexane could make it worse.

I just wondered if anyone else had had this kind of problems and if anyone knew if it was related to APLS



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Hi there, this has happened to others on here, I am sure you will get more advice soon, did the GP advise going to hospital if it looked any worse or felt under pressure. Do you have an eye clinic at your local largest hospital, some have emergency eye and also ear clinics. I would get another opinion if possible. Sorry I can't be of further help. Mary F x


I get them occasionally. I was advised that they begin to happen to "women my age" (I was 48 for the first one) and to expect them as a natural occurrence with age. I was advised BEFORE I was diagnosed with APS, stroke or CNS vasculitis. Who knows? It could have been a pre-curser to those diseases. I still get them occasionally. They still tell me not to worry about it unless it causes presssure, tearing, pain or vision problems. They take a long time to go away, but I was advised NOT to use an eye drop product, particularly one that is over-the-counter. I was told best was to let it heal on its own, in its own good time. I'm not particularly fussy, but it can scare little children and it does take weeks to months to completely disappear. Funny, that is what they told me 20 years ago and they are still telling me the same thing. Then and now they had no particular reason except for age.

Your diagnosis is different so your answer may be different, but I really think your GP and particularly your optitrician, should have had a more in-depth answer for you. I would have asked them to find out and get back to me, so I could note it in my journal in case it happens again.


All I can add is I would sure find another doctor ASAP!!!!!


Hi Margaretjo

I've had bleeds into the white of my eye and my optition said they are common and not generally serious. He also said that they are more common when a person is anticoagulated.

Best wishes.



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