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Eye clinic

Attended local hospital eye clinic due to black area in vision. The doctor was amazing she knew about aps and sneddons and asked loads of questions and was really intrested how things occurred and how and when I was diagnosed, she also said in future anybody young with no apparant course for loss of vision she would consider aps/sneddons.

The neurologist knew nothing about aps and was not interested but an eye doctor(cannot think of correct name) does and was interested.

The outcome was what I expected due to stroke and nothing they can do about it going to have field sight test tho to determine level of loss so can be checked in future if anything else occurs


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Hello there, it is strange that so many neurologists seem to not know the condition, however well done, eye specialist! I bet that was good to hear that. Mary F x


Hi mary, yes it was really good to have someone interested and not just dismiss it like so many doctors do.

sharon x


My son's eye messes up at least once a day. From middle ways down in his left eye goes black and if he's driving he has to pull over and he is now starting to see floaters but the only head aches he get are sinus related. He has 20/20 vision and has been to eye specialist. Who is the Dr you are talking about? What state? No one around here seems to know what the cause is.


Is your vision permanently gone? I have vision loss in the upper half of right eye like once a week but it only lasts a minute or two.


I lost my eye sight totally with a stroke (1998) and gradually over couple weeks it came back but Im left with no pheripheral sight out of the right of both eyes and limited to the left. My eyes are actually ok its the part of my brain that takes the info that doesnt work.

After my last stroke (jan2012) ive got an area in my right eye that im not seeing top right so having a new field test but think this loss was due to stroke. I have floaters always thought everyone did?

sharon xx


Hi Sharon

I have floaters in vision and blank spots, like looking through water, my optician great though, so I know my eyes are being monitored carefully. I lost periferal vision in left eye years ago, following a severe reaction to the birth control pill and ensueing migraine!!

Regular eye tests are worth having, especially if you drop lucky and find a good optician/specialist. It seems I have Sjorgens Syndrome too causing the dryness in eyes, mouth etc!

I hope you doing ok today!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Good job! You never know you may have saved a life...or many! Itry to spread the word, I am from Canada and hardly anyone has even heard of APS. I just submitted a "Quick Facts" version to a local newsletter that always has a Did you know section. Never know, maybe they'll run it.

Out of curiosity do you know what Optitions need to look for or what tests can be done for APS? I have never had "vision loss" but I get flashes of light or "stars", floaters & blurry vision but it comes & goes. Lately it has been happening a lot more. My GP either think I'm nuts or don't think it's anything. I am curious if my eye Dr will be able to "see" anything if she looked for it.

Is it common to see spots, floaters and little flashes of light? How can I describe it better?


I just went to my local opticians (Boots the chemist) who picked up on latest loss of sight. I just kept thinking my hair was over my eye. they faxed gp report who than sent me to Hospital. Have to admit the opticians at Boots are excellent in the past year my mum went twice first they picked up she had macular degentration (dry) and month ago found she had macular degenration (wet) they faxed hospital immediatly and my mum had laser eye surgery within a week.

sharon xx


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