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TIa or migraine Tia diagnosed at ST and local hospital over a year ago

Well having been admitted due to vomiting blood, I have been in hospital for 5 days and the result - they don't know. Well having bad headaches, feeling fuzzy and feeling nausea I explained that to ajunior who then arranged MRI scan he said well I don not think you ever had a TIA - told him that I have had 2 MRI in past and both revealed the TIA etc, he said well I think you have had a bad migraine rather than a TIA. I was furious with this and plan to investigate further. In the past I have seen neurologist, ST, haematologist, Hepatologist and GP who have copies of previous reports.which confirm TIA - I am so angry today!!!!

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Hi there... try not to be too furious... a junior in training... sounds like a recipe for not listening, unfortunately. Make sure you politely insist that somebody further up the career ladder can access the previous letters and reports which show what you are quite rightly talking about. You can also point them in the direction of The Hughes Syndrome Foundation website... they may not admit to you, that they take a look, but probably will. Make sure you clearly tell them what St Thomas' have said! Hope you feel better soon. Mary F



I am so sorry for the tough time you are having, compounded by a "baby doc". That's what we hospital workers internally called the docs in training. They looked like little geese following the big goose down the hospital corridors, tripping over their still growing feet! However, I agree with Mary. Politely refer him/her to The Hughes Syndrome Foundation and your previous medical records. Tell him you would prefer a senior doctor, preferably one familiar with your case. Unfortunately, continuity of care seems to be a problem with the UK system. You don't know if you will get the same doctor twice or if that doctor is up to date on your history or how long you'll have to wait. I guess we are spoiled here with electronic medical records. Everything from birth on can be had via electronic medical record in seconds with the right pass word. Soon I hope all hosptials will have it. It sure saves a lot of steps, misunderstandings and time. I hope today is a better day for you and they make some progress on your symptoms. You might mention directly to the baby doc how he made you feel, as constructive criticism not a complaint because everybody has to learn, and perhaps he will think twice before making the same mistake with the next patient. It's important to his training and will have impact coming directly from the patient.

Good luck, and wishes for a healthful tomorrow.



I too had problems with various doctors describing the things that happened to me prior to going on warfarin as either migraines, TIAs or mini strokes. An early MRI showed dozens of leisions -- so many that the neurologist triple checked the identity as " I find it hard to believe that the owner of this scan is walking and talking and passing all my tests.". The MRI from 6 months later showed most of the leisions had disappeared --save for one in the visual cortex. so now, of course, docs view that first MRI with suspicion and question whether it really was mine! ( though that visual cortex one has remained constant.)


Good luck. at least we can offer sympathetic ears for stress relieving rants.


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