Tia not traced in mri

I have tia on 23 august....but in mri there is no symtoms of tia and blood clotting showed....i consult 4 top doctors...2 said ..that u have a tia and other 2 said there is no tia stroke...wat should i do...

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  • Where do you live? If you are in the UK, I would recommend you to St Thomas' Hospital to see Dr David D'Cruz. Your GP can refer you. In fact, I would return to your GP to discuss this because you are, understandably, confused. Are all 4 doctors expert in Hughes' Syndrome aka "sticky blood" or the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome?

    If you have private insurance, I recommend Professor Graham RV Hughes at the London Lupus Centre.

    There is a list of UK doctors under Pinned Posts.

    With good wishes,


  • Thanks...but i live in jaipur city of india...i have no enough money to come england and have treatment...

  • There is one doctor in India who might be helpful: A.N. Malaviya but I do not know where this doctor may be working. The doctor is on the International Editorial Board of LUPUS: An International Journal, whose Editor is Dr Graham RV Hughes.

    I am very sorry I cannot be more helpful.

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  • Thank u so much..

  • Hi, and welcome. I enclose medical papers written in India by doctors who understand the condition, if you contact some of the names they may give you guidance regarding your nearest teaching hospital that has knowledge regarding this condition:




    Best of luck


  • Thanks

  • Hi,

    As you have joined today I must ask you if you have got a diagnose of Hughes Syndrome/Antiphospholipidsyndrome?

    If you have our illness you may have micro-clots and they do not show up on a Scan of today as they are too tiny. But if you have Specialists (as I hope you have) they should know about that and that you need anticoagulation for our illness when you have a TIA or stroke.

    Take care!

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I agreed with u...i also think so..thank u so much

  • As Kirsten noted, sometimes the clots are so small they do not produce enough damage to be detectible by a scan. But we feel the pain, we deal with the damage.

    I use the tiny piece of glass analogy: Sometimes, despite one's best effort at sweeping up after the glass which shattered on the kitchen floor -despite the broom, the vacuum and the mop --a few days later you feel a sharp pain on the bottom of the foot. You sit, prop the foot up on the knee,turn it and examine it. You see nothing. But when you rub your hand over this one area you feel it. Now if you were asking another person to find and remove this tiny glass shard, no matter how careful they were, chances are they could not find it or remove it. Which does not mean you dont have a piece of glass in your foot! Its just so small it can only be detected internally.

    so a micro clot is like that indetectible oiece of glass in the foot. Except in this instance we must rely on a medical " other" to help us find and fix it. And it is very frustrating when that medical " other" wont listen when you try to tell him what and where the problem is! Its like hearing the doctor say, " I cant see anything. That pain you feel in your foot is not real. Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Perhaps you just feel guilty for breaking that glass last week. You should seek counseling."

  • Thanku so much...keep awaring me...

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