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I just fond out that im 9 weeks pregnant it was unplanned so i am now worried about the risks invoved to me and the baby. As my specialist has always told me this is the worse thing i could do unplanned.

I has aps, factor 5 and crohns (which also makes your blood sticky) I had mutilple PEs and a DVT the last one in may 2011 and have been on daily clexane injections since september as I didnt respond to warfrin.

I went to see my specialist yesterday and she said as i am being treated there are no longer any risks and it is like a normal pregnancy!!

I am very confused by this and dont really trust it as i have read several articals where people have developed clots, had strokes early birth ruptured placentas etc.... and if there are no risks why do you have to be montoried more? None of it makes sense???

Am i really risk free or could there be complications....please help lol!

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Hello there, firstly don't panic. You have had your diagnosis and they agree you have APS, that is a start, however you do need special care throughout your pregnancy. Where are you located, and of course we do have papers on the site, which could instruct the specialist further or indeed they could have a telephone call perhaps with St Thomas to fine tune your care. I would move on this sooner rather than later. Please keep us informed x Mary F x


Hi hon

As Mary says don't panic, you're on clexane, which they would give to support the pregnancy, I do agree you should be closely monitored during pregnancy, be pushy and insist you get correct monitoring and treatment. Aps pregnancies can be difficult, but with correct care im sure you will be fine.

I hope you feeling ok today,

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


I understand the panic and worry. I did the same thing when we found out I was pregnant again after not knowing I had APS the first pregnancy. I can tell you this, I had a wonderful high risk obgyn that monitored both of us closely throughout the pregnancy. We now had a healthy seven year old little boy! Hindsight is always 20/20. Looking back I would tried my best to enjoy my pregnancy more. I would have still been as persistent with my medical team and I was back then. I would have also leaned more on my faith and realized that I only had control of what I could and say instead sitting and worrying about things I couldn't change. Again, that is in hindsight.:) please feel free to yell at me when you feel the need to anytime. The main thing to remember is that your doctors know your diagnosis, which is wonderful!! Enjoy your pregnancy, listen to your body and relay the information to your doctors.

All the best xx



Clexane,aspirin,regluar growth scans, and id take 5mg folic acid daily. Demand to be consultant led and dont take no for an answer xxxx best of luck and lots of baby glue xxxxx Maybe take probiotics to help with the crohns too - a good health shop should reccommend i did all of the abve


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