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Back to the GP again

Back again today. I am so lucky with my doctor. He tested a urine sample and sent it off for analysis to see if I have a urinary infection. (never had one before as far as I know) Seeing him next week and if it is clear then he is going to send me for an MRI scan.

So a question of wait and see. In the meantime I feel horrible. But decided I'm going to try and go out if I can. Sure hope I'm going to feel a bit better by Saturday as lads and girlfriends are coming over and I haven't seen them for a while. It was younger son's birthday last week and also need to celebrate that he and his lovely girlfriend are going to set up home together.


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Hi there, glad your GP is on the ball. I have had very slow growing infections creep up on me... as even with tests until the last moment, everything clear. If you do have one, it can make you feel very shivery and unwell. Hope you feel better. Mary F x


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