First visit to St Thomas'

I had my first appointment at the APS clinic at St Thomas' yesterday. What a relief to speak to a Doctor who not only understands what I am telling him but actually believes me when I say I think my blood is still too thick. But best of all he tells me that he thinks he can improve my quality of life. After several months of my GP and a local consultant telling me "it is what it is and you will have to learn to live with it" this was a revelation.

The atmosphere in the clinic was very friendly, all the staff were smiling and helping each other out and certainly gave the impression of enjoying their jobs.

I can't wait for my next appointment.!

4 Replies

  • Hello there, I am so pleased to hear your news, do keep us updated with treatments and access to clinics. Nice to have such a good result for you. MaryF x

  • As you may remember, I am taking Rivaroxaban at the moment. Had an interesting chat about that yesterday - will discuss further at next visit and then decide together if I should go back to Warfarin. How novel to be involved in the decision - well done St T's!

  • St Thomas seems a long way to travel at times but really don't think I would have been alive without them. You are at the best place!

  • Totally agree Davros!

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