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Interesting Reading and Alternative Ideas


As you may or may not have read - I have had a fairly traumatic time in tha last few years and recently I have started doing and reading some things that have really helped. I understand that some of these things may sound a little airy-fairy (they certainly did to me) but they have done more for me than the psycologist could - no disrespect to her.

For years I survived by blocking things out and carrying on regardless but in the last year I have been becoming more and more emotional and I couldn’t understand why or how to ‘control’ it. I always feel that to cope / get over something you need to become an expert in it and the following books / techniques have really helped me to get a good understanding of my emotions and the way I feel inside my own head and heart.

So, the first book is

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert

This book is incredible and I will be buying a copy for all my friends and family, the science in the first third of the book really takes some reading but it is worth it to understand why we feel like we do. Pert also explains why some eastern attidues, practices and treatments work and how it can help “you”. Again, I am a person who just gets on with things and emotions have often been an inconvenience that prevent me from doing the things I need to do to live a ‘normal’ life! However this explains emotions as a evolutionary necessity and talks about ways to take control of how you feel. I will add that (for me) she goes a bit far in the last chapter or two. However, this is still a fantastic read – I only wish I had been given this to read when I was getting over my post traumatic stress and depression following the coma. It makes sense of everything I went through – fantastic.

The second book

Your Inner Physician by John Upledger

A friend of mine introduced me to Cranio Sacral therapy as she is training in it. She is a great physiotherapist and acupuncturist (if that’s the word?) and persuaded me to read about the science behind it. I was astonished and impressed (although again, the American “this can heal everything” attitude goes to far for me – however stick with it because the last couple of chapters helped me the most). As a result of this book – and Nicky – I have started having Cranio therapy sessions at the London School of Cranio Sacral Therapy (there are plenty of therapists across the country though). The treatment is non-invasive and is performed fully clothed – I say this for the regular hospital attendees who get used to having to strip for every examination!! The Scientist in my head was ashamed to admit that I felt things happen and changes – and now after about 8 sessions I can feel longer term changes. They talk about muscle memory and energy releases but after the initial sceptisism, I truly believe that for people who’s bodies do not function quite as they should it is worth a go – I don’t think for a second that this will cure illnesses but it’s certainly making me feel more comfortable in mine. I can honestly say that I never in a million years thought that I would recommend this treatment. At the least, it gives you an hour where you relax and get to concentrate on yourself. For me I have to forgive my body for letting me down; I am often so busy trying to get on with things that I foget how amazing a job my body has done in recovering time and time again but remember that it has gone wrong plenty of times. I didn’t realise that I had this negative skew when thinking about my body - especially since I frequently talk about how well Kevin (the Kidney) is working!!

The third book

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Again, this book does take some reading but it does talk extensively about the benefits of positive emotions and their effect on illnesses. It is also based on many many scientific trials but beware that some of the statistics are just that. However this book generally recognises that and caveats the research by saying that mental well being may have an effect on illnesses but there is no link to the initial cause. Please note that this book does cover many things that do not relate to illness but it is all very interesting none the less.

These books are certainly not the most up-to-date on the subject and there will have been many more discoveries and links but they are “classics” of emotional understanding and development. They have helped me to feel more in control of how and why I feel and that is why I would recommend them to others. I hope they help you as they have helped me.


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sounds like some very intresting books which would be useful for some people


i hope so - it's not until we (as busy people) look back that we realise what we've really been through and why it may have taken its toll on our emotions... Tx


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