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have you been made a Brain SPECT?

Hello again!

After being kicked by my Neurologist (not literally) because he does´t believe me and says none of this foggy mind, memory loss, related with APS....

He sent me to be made a Brain SPECT (only to cover his back...)

My test is tomorrow. ¿Did anybody do it? did it show something?

I'm not very hopeful because any of my medical test (including all kind of MRI) show evidences

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And for all that asked me , I'm from Torremolinos (Málaga) in Spain. I forgot to answer, soooooryyyyyyyyyy


Hi Swirl , what do you mean by a brain spec< down load the symtoms list here on this site and have your doc read them to you ?????? jet


I´m not sure if the word is correct in English. I googled it and I found the same word than in spanish. It Is a study of blood perfusion and metabolism in Brain. They introduce you an intravenous contrast that is radiactive and look in a screen. They see different coloured areas.

I thought about printing that list as you mention, but I would like to have something more "solid". As I couldn´t find it, next week I`ll carry the list with me and see what happens


Hello Swirl and everybody I think it means this: First in english, and then in spanish!

Brain SPECT in Clinical Practice. Part I: Perfusion*

Ana M. Catafau

+ Author Affiliations

Nuclear Medicine Department, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain


Brain perfusion SPECT is a functional neuroimaging technique that allows noninvasive study of physiologic and physiopathologic events in the human brain. With the appropriate technique and careful interpretation of the information provided, brain perfusion SPECT has proven potential for patient management. SPECT has clinical value in the diagnosis, therapeutic management, and follow-up of patients. The diversity of central nervous system diseases and the still incomplete knowledge of the mechanisms that underlie them have contributed to the success of brain perfusion SPECT as a research tool in neurosciences. This article provides fundamental knowledge on how and when to perform brain perfusion SPECT in clinical practice. A general overview of the clinical value of this technique is followed by relevant information on cerebral physiology for proper understanding of brain SPECT images. Practical considerations on quantification and interventional studies are also offered. Finally, step-by-step recommendations for interpreting and reporting brain perfusion SPECT images are provided to obtain the maximum clinical benefit from this technique.

a perfusión cerebral SPECT es una técnica de neuroimagen funcional que permite el estudio no invasivo de los eventos fisiológicos y fisiopatológicos en el cerebro humano. Con la técnica apropiada y una interpretación cuidadosa de la información proporcionada, el cerebro SPECT de perfusión ha demostrado potencial para el tratamiento del paciente. SPECT tiene valor clínico en el diagnóstico, manejo terapéutico y seguimiento de los pacientes. La diversidad de enfermedades del sistema nervioso y el conocimiento aún incompleta de los mecanismos que subyacen a ellas han contribuido al éxito de la perfusión SPECT cerebral como herramienta de investigación en neurociencias. Este artículo proporciona los conocimientos fundamentales sobre cómo y cuándo realizar SPECT de perfusión cerebral en la práctica clínica. Una visión general de la utilidad clínica de esta técnica es seguida por la información relevante en la fisiología cerebral para la adecuada comprensión de imágenes SPECT cerebrales. Consideraciones prácticas sobre la cuantificación y estudios de intervención también se ofrecen. Por último, paso a paso las recomendaciones para la interpretación y presentación de informes de perfusión cerebral SPECT se proporcionan para obtener el máximo beneficio clínico de esta técnica.

Mary F x


I'm so sorry to hear you are going through such a crap time. I can say for myself that it's NO JOKE, dizzy, sick, drunk, slurring at times!!! It's really weird and frightening

xxx to all


That`s better Mary F , thank you very much!!!

I'll tell you if my results show something or not


Hi Swirl,

Am surprised that your specialist does not think that the memory fog, etc are due to the APS. Mine used those symptoms exactly to diagnose APS on the spot and saved my life by getting me on the right meds just in time.

Granted he may not be as qualified as your chap - he's from St Thomas Lupus Unit working under Dr Graeme Hughes. Think your chap needs to contact someone who knows something about the disease - maybe the person who discovered the disease might be able to help!

If I was you put your foot down for a second opinion and don't let some Doctors naivity and fear of the disease stop you getting treatment.


Hi I have had two SPECT scans. You are injected with something that hels to show how the blood is flowing (perfusion) through the brain. I am interested that it is our neurlogist who is sending you for this it was my rheumatologist who sent me. The first one was very abnormal then I was started in heparin then warfarin, cyclo, Rituixmab and azathioprine, the second one still had some abnormal areas but was lots better than the first one (they were a year apart).

The reason I say I am interested is that my neurologist has told me that SPECT scans are no good for diagnosing health issues as they can be abnormal if you are having a migraine at the time the scan is run! Personally I believe the rheumatologist and have found that my neurlogist isn't helpful. I am pleased tha your neurlogist is sending you for this scan an I woud like to know what it shows and what your neurlogist says.

Good luck tomorrow the scan is ok.



I've had an MRI that showed white specs in my brain. Rheumatologist said it was do to Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome.



Hello, I'm here again. i'm not very well, emotionally speaking. I'm fed up with beeing ignored by doctors. It's so frustrating!!!! My brain spect is completelly normal but my IMR shows that my brain venuses are only partially open after my trombosis. When finally i spoke my doctor about brain fog and tiredness, he suggested me to go to the pshycologist . They've already prescribe me antidepression medication (I'm not depressive!!!) I only feel brain fog and extremelly tiredness and doctors believe that i'm hipocondriac or something. ITS HORRIBLE HOW THEY MAKE ME FEEL. I have a photo of my foot when it was very affected by reynaud (like a death's girl foot) and he said in front of my husband that probably i had hit my foot.....incredible


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