Anyone got any bright ideas on how to deal with oral allergy syndrome - particularly problems eating fruit?

I have Hughes, Sjorgrens, Fybromyalgia plus a few other things thrown in. I have always avoided fresh apple and tomatoes as they cause almost instance mouth ulcers - cooked they are fine.

A couple of years ago I started having problems with other fruit - it started with cherries then went on to pineapple, apricots, nectarines, figs and on and on! I blame it on turning 50! :-)

I am told it is called oral allergy syndrome and is caused by my immune system confusing some fruits, particularly their skins, with certain tree pollens that I am allergic to. Symptoms horrendous within minutes: burning in the mouth, swollen lips, swollen tongue with bleeding, ear pain, sore throat and then as it gets down to the stomach, tummy ache, pains in the joints etc. Answer avoid raw fruit, eat only cooked fruit - simples! Have done that for an entire year and have not had a problem. Last night I tried some fig jam I had made with last years crop (made with just fresh organic figs off the tree with some water nothing else added) - would you believe I tasted the end of a teaspoon. Wham! Off I was again with all the symptoms and I am typing this with a sore mouth and arthritic fingers.

So I am interested in other people's experiences with this wonderful turn of events!

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  • Hi there, that sounds tricky: I am bit at a loss to know what to suggest, but have had a look on line for you, these articles are only suggestions. Be careful:




    There seem to be forums for it if that is any good! It seems to be something discussed. I hope you feel better soon. Mary F

  • Hi Mary F, those were very helpful, particularly the second one with the matrix showing the link of the pollen to the foods. One of them does say 'if you react to well cooked fruit you may have a severe type of allergy and should avoid it in any form' - I guess that is me with figs. Shame as I have six fig trees!!! The articles have reassured me that cooking the fruits as I have done is the way forward and just avoiding them raw is the way to go. One other interesting thing I read here was to think about when you prepare food and whether you should wear gloves (not latex - I see there is a link with figs and latex by the way) and a mask. In some ways that made a great deal of sense, I often have sore hands after preparing food. So, thanks for your efforts on my behalf. Dx

  • That is fine, glad I could be of help, I have five conditions myself and unpredictable allergy... so... research is my middle name. mary F x

  • Thanks Mary. Dx

  • I used to get terrible mouth ulcers, in between my teeth, down my throat, awful! I read or heard some where that vitamin B in large doses would help. I take a B50 complex with choline & Inositol (Health Balance from Costco - in Canada) twice a day and hardly ever get any ulcers now. Cannot swear to the connection, but I never miss a dose!!! I hope that helps.

  • That sounds helpful. I must say I take a good make of B complex and also tumeric capsules, fish oil, flaxseed and very very importantly built up over the years my use of probiotics, I also take lysine and ester c vitamin c... but not being on any anticollagulants rather than twice a day aspirin, makes it easier for my supplements probably!

  • There are lots of supplements I can't take because of allergies (flaxseed for example) and vitamin C tablets aggravate my eczema. As a vegetarian fish oil is out as well. I have found the way for me is to eat as clean as possible, rotate everything I eat (five day rotation if poss, minimum three day) and ensure my diet covers all essentials.

  • Poor you, this is difficult. Yes I rotate all protiens and everything, I live off avocadoes as they help my skin. straight vitamin c is very acidic... ester c is more expensive but gentle on the gut... however my gut did not behave until I had calmed it down with probiotics... my children and I all take the recommended dose daily. Manuka honey.... also helps... however with your allergy profile i guess you have to be very careful! x

  • The Sjogrens doesn't help here of course as there is so little saliva to dilute things down - always got water to drink handy. Thanks for the tip on Vitamin B. I have Vit D deficiency so I take a supplement for that.

  • I understand some of the issues you have with food. I am also a vegetarian though not vegan, I do eat fish on occasion. I have found this happy little regime of anticoagulant, beta blockers, pantoprazole, tegretol, celebrex, vit D, B50, Calcium, Glucosamine/Condroitan, probiotics. I have been taking this little lot for many years and am happy so say that I seem to have avoided any issues. I eat a varied diet and my inr has been good - around 3.6. I hope you find your 'happy little' regime soon. Anything to make life a bit easier.

  • Thanks that is very helpful - I like the happy little regime! What has thrown me is that this mouth/fruit thing is new (last couple of years) up until then I had been really stable for quite a while. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Yes! Take a serious loon at Nambutripads Allergy Elimination Technique

    It helps your body HEAL from food sensitivities and allergies an other thing. It has just recently allowed my body to get rid of severe eczema on my legs and sensitivity to coconut oil....completely gone! I'm sending my husband next to clear him from nightshade, and other oral allergy syndrome reactions that are progressively getting worse. I hope it helps you!

  • I meant take a serious *look at it :) the great thing about NAET is that once you are treated for something, like I was for coconut, you no longer have to avoid it! It sounds miraculous because it is!!

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