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consultant appointment

Just sat down and wrote out my medical history for consultant appointment on tuesday.. and my conclusion is... my life sucks(thats the polite word)..

6 miscarriages 3 stillbirths 3 strokes and to top it my husband died 2 years ago and Im feeling very sorry for myself most proberbly the bottle of wine dont help or the row with my daughter. Most proberbly not the most appropriate place to vent my frustration Even looked up samartians telephone number....

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Hi sweetie

I did the same last month I was seeing a Prof @ my local hospital the more I wrote the more upset I got I kept picking up my list cause I remembered more illnesses lol how sad it is 2 years ago my hubby had 5 heart attacks now he is stage 4 Kidney Failure and stage 4 heart failure he was my carer now we try and look after each other I do know how hard it is for you I know what you are going through try 1 day at a time darling you are in my prayers good luck with the Consultant x


thanks, its hard when you see it wrote down. My husband was my carer just miss him loads. Just being very sensitive and my daughter feeling under pressure not a good combination... thanks just realising your not alone helps xx


Hi there, I am so sorry that life feels so wretched currently, and I hope things improve for you, and that you have some comfort and peer support on here. We all have extra bad days. Do you have some good friends or family members, and please consider drawing some support close to you. We all need it sometimes. Sending you warm thoughts and hugs. Mary F x


I recommend a Support Group...available online.....folks to chat with at all hours of the day or night.....take care...1 day at a time


It's not easy to see the good through it all sometimes, and I like you, have bad times. My son gets stroppy just like all teenagers do, but that's just part of growing up. I'm sure your daughter loves you to bits, and cherishes every moment you have with her (on the quiet of course). I treat it like a house of cards falling down in front of me,, but just keep picking them up and building them again. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


hi sharon as i learnt last week when we reach rock bottom the only way is up hun - i cant imagine how awful you must feel because i do have my husbands support and that and this site really does make a difference... its like we go through grieving stages frequently through this illness - when you got it there in black and white it hits home because i believe on a day to day basis we cope as our brain is such a clever thing really it helps block out the pain because the memories get deep seated until we have to confront them like you have done just recently and no doubt re living the pain and torment you had then.

Try to do something to take your mind of your pain i often use distraction as a means to cope watch a good comedy - me i watch mrs browns boys or listen to soothing music let your mind drift off to be in a nice place like a beautiful beach with the noise of the waves...

sending you big hugs - your daughter is no doubt very frustrated too with her own worries and sadly they take it out on the ones the love most - their mums

hoping you are feeling better today love kathy xx


yes the very right place - vent away - everybody else has said it all - we all feel for you and send you huge good wishes for you feeling better and things changing for the positive - they do and will. Here's hoping you will have got it all off your chest and things will look better soon.

Lot of love

Sanj x


Hi Sharon,

This is exactly the right place hon, I'm so sorry you feeling so low right now, makes you wonder when you write it all down, how on earth we can go through so much and still get up, dust ourselves off and start fighting again, you're a tough lady, like a lot of us Hughies!!!

We're all entitled to feel low and bl###y fed up, think we can all help each other through the down times and be here to share the good times.

Sending big but gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


I would just like to say a big thank you to every one. I was really feeling low and it really helped reading the replies will amit some made me cry (only because they where so kind) I feel lot more positive today (see I have aconsultant!!!)

thank you again xx


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