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Stripping off at Tommys

Hi all, Please accept my apologies in advance ( I really am very shallow) ! The thing is my GP is refering me back to Tommys and I appreciate how lucky I am ,But the last time I had an appointment ( 8yrs ago ) well you had to strip off down to your underwear, as I recall, No gown etc,Is it still the same ?

These days I'm so fat and just the thought of stripping off fills me with dread, So do you get a gown these days?? I know how lucky I am to get treatment but my thoughts keep returning to my big white flabby body, LOL . Thanks everyone . Yours sincerely, mrs utterly shallow

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Hi there babe

I am a BIG girl also I bought my own hospital gown if you were of different religion you would Never strip down to your bra & panties If it good enough for some It's good enough for all I have been an Idiot over the years worrying about my size now I am 56 and had a eating disorder since I was 8 I said sod it all I will never let anyone even a Doctor pass a derogative comment to me ever again if you want the address where I got my own fresh clean untorn gown just let me know good luck sweetie x


I can understand your concern! How inconsiderate of them not offering a gown! I thought every hospital at least did that!!

All I can say is that when I went last year I did not even get an examination so no need for stripping off. Just sat across the desk from the doc, little chat and sent off for blood tests. Perhaps its all changed now and all the cut backs means no time for exams.

Perhaps it depends on who you see and what for. I expect others will come along and give their experiences. I would not worry if I were you cos I would ask for a gown if they ask you to strip off - Im sure the NHS can run to one!!


And never ever think that you are being shallow every person on this earth should be treated with dignity x


The sign I saw today, and last visit was patients dignity - No stripping just wee test, bloods, blood pressure and seeing the doctor.

smiles and no worries

Lesley :)


I agree Lesley-No stripping just wee test, bloods, blood pressure, weight, height and see the doc.

Believe me i would be the first to leave and beat the 1 min mile record if i was asked to strip down to the bra and panties



No stripping for me either, done enough leaving dignity at the door when having my children. Just wee test, bloods and weighed etc.

Going on Friday!!! Clothes staying on!!!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Sheena :)

I had my review there yesterday - Beta2 glycoprotein test showed normal - so she has said, my flare up has gone, and in effect I am for all intents and purposes in remission (my words of remission not hers) so if it were not for my other conditions ( micro vascular lung disease, AF, Angina and) she would of considered taking me off my anticoags, - warfarin (god I was scared at that moment) but seems because of other conditions I am to stay on for life. However, no more visits to St T's unless I want to or I flare up again.

Apparently as well, she said that with 1000 patients tested only one person showed positive Beta2 glycoprotein and negative to Cardiolipin.

That is what I showed, .......... she went onto to say my Beta2 was a low positive... almost felt as though she were querying my diagnosis, but then she went onto say I clearly had had flare ups during my life, as the DVT, PE's, Trans myelytus and miscarriages and livedo reticularis confirmed. Once again I left feeling a bit confused, but good if my levels are down.

When I asked about my fatigue and joints pain, she said, Lesley, 100% of autoimmune disease sufferers, suffer from fatigue and the pain is common too.

Actually now I think of it, maybe this should be an updated blog ... lol - it was meant and in fact does end with a bit GOOD LUCK for Friday

Hugs and warm healing smiles




I go yearly (for past 15 years) and cant remember ever stripping off. I there again friday. x


I go every three to six months and every time I've been I have had to strip down.I think I'm past caring my body has had tubes put everywhere over the years..My body is also covered in burns and scars from operations and using very hot water bottles for pain.I'm not small either and have to say I've been treated with respect and dignity each time.Please don't worry about your size we are all human beings I have got bigger as my mobility has got less despite having small bowel syndrome and problems eating without pain.Best of luck for your visit.


I have had to do that once at the initial consultation before I had a definite diagnosis of APS. The reason for this was to check for livedo reticularis which is a lace-like purple discolouration to the skin that is common in autoimmune conditions so there is a very good medical reason why the Dr may ask you to take your clothes off. However, I think a few seconds explaining the reason why they would like you to undress would be a good idea and would be reassuring for the person. I know from my point of view if I knew that stripping would help the Dr find a diagnosis I would have no problem doing that. I suppose what it comes down to is patient communication and the 'informed' bit of informed consent. If anyone else is faced with being asked to do this without an explanation I would suggest asking why before you go ahead.


I am asuming the stripping off is when you are in the examination room!

I have only had to do this at the initial consultation and never since.

Remember it is your right to refuse to undress, it is also your right to have a female nurse to chaperone if you are being examined by a male doctor.

I think you are more likely to have the chat and bloods as the others have said.

take care


Time to inject a humorous (?) story:

My Father was a doctor in a small Appalachian coal mining town. There was a certain amount of respect the community afforded me due to my parentage. If any of my friends hurt themselves doing something they weren't supposed to be doing -- like playing in an abandoned mine or sliding inside an empty coal train car -- then they would come to me for antiseptic and band aids. It was my job. So from an early age I came to consider myself "the doctor's daughter."

My parents' marriage slowly teetered toward divorce. My Mother became more and more frazzled and one day she set me (age 4) and my sisters down for a talk wherein she tried to explain certain "changes." One reason she gave for these "changes" was "your Father is seeing other women."

I gathered from the context that this was something very bad, but on the other hand, I couldn't understand. "Of course he is 'seeing' other women! He's a doctor! How can he treat them if he doesn't see them!" It took several more reasons for me to sort this all out.

Good luck with your appointment.


I went to St Thomas' about 3 weeks ago and I had to strip off (only to my underwear I hasten to add!) but like Sue said, it was my initial appointment. I must admit I've got to the age where I'm past caring what doctors etc think but can understand it must be worrying if you are selfconscious.

Getting a gown sounds like a good idea and just imagine you are on Gok Wan's cat walk. They are all shapes and sizes and all sirens.

Good luck Mully x


I went to Tommys last year and not only did I have to strip to bra & pants but the consultant had a student with him...he asked student what do you notice?...student said "she's very fat!" - needless to say I got dressed quickly, left and have never been back since!


Welshexile - Im interested to know what the Consultant said to the student when he remarked about your weight? If he said nothing I would have turned round to the student and said " And were you taught at medical school the most tactful way to talk to your patient? If not let this be your first lesson - you do not tell the patient they are very fat!"

I would then have turned to the Consultant and told him that he needs to teach his students diplomacy as well as medical facts.

I think that is atrocious.


Hi HughesPatient - I'm afraid that, as I'd been in the waiting corridor for 5hrs and was absolutely exhausted, my usual confidence deserted me and I just cried, got dressed and left. On a much brighter note....I had my first appointment with APs specialists at Guys yesterday and I am sooooooooo thankful to the marvelous team there who are taking me on and have already made me feel better simply by treating me like an intellignet human being - Guys, Dr Green et al - YOU ARE FAB!


Wow,that is good! Its nice to know that there is another team doing such a good job. Im wondering if this is all part of the break up of the St T Unit though because Guys and St T's are linked and therefore it could be the start of moving some of the services over there.

As long as you have had good results that bodes well for everyone else.

Must remember that name - Dr Green!!


If I ever get to go to St Thomas's, do I HAVE to wear a bra and panties? Hope it all goes well, Mully.


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