Anyone get Sharp Stabbing pains in the head (at random intervals)

From time to time I get really painfull stabbing pains in my head, they don't last long (few seconds at most) but they really sting, anyone else had pains like these?

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  • Hi tomcat yes I get sharp pain randomly from top of head down usually get left temple pain as well. Notice if inr low I get it. Have had clots on the brain so whether related to that as sinuses in brain are damage from previous clots. Kath :-)

  • i get these too! It's usually in the left temple as well. They're SUPER painful for about 2 seconds, and then just disappear. I hope I'm not dying or anything. Lol

  • Me too! Hope it's not a tumor type situation...

  • Yes, that is exactly the pain I get on the left side of my head, and they very very sharp and painful, fortunately it only lasts for a few seconds. Do you know what causes this? It is very scary when it happens.

  • I wonder if you have got Antiphospholipidsyndrome (Sticky Blood).

    This is a site for APS only. We all have APS and this way try to help eachother. I suggest you look for medical help, it could be a lot of things! Hope you feel better very soon!

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Plus random shooting pain left ear most odd :-)

  • Hiii, just last night i started experiencing this random pain mostly in my left temple, what does that mean? Im really scared

  • You have now answered a several years old question. As this is a site of APS (Hughes Syndrome) and if you have this rare illness I think you should put your own new question on here and you will probably get more answers.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thanks, mine seem to come really randomly and in no particular place, I do sometimes get the visual "floaters" to so I'm presuming it's micro clots.

  • Yes i get sharp pains randomly in my head every now and then and have a ticking sound in my ears randomly too

  • Hi im 16 and i have been having this for about 4 years did you find out what it was?

  • too! Particularly the left temple same as Kath. I'm currently having some tests because I am getting dizziness as well....bit worried as stroke (sinus thrombosis) was 2 and half years ago, but there's obviously something going on in there even now. Sometimes hear my blood making a whoosing noise in my ear ...anyone else? Larraine xx

  • Hi larraine I had multiple sinus thrombosis when dx and also get whoosing noise in my ears ESP from sitting to standing or even rolling over had it recently during leg wax from turning onto my front and my inr was below my range had temple pain. My dx was 1990 had clots during pregnancy and after when they stopped my warfarin. Recently had Tia's so on aspirin plus range 3.5-4.0 but I still feel great when above 4!!

    Had MRI of brain my sinuses are damaged from prev clots and I had micro clots visual issues but luckily tia's no permanent stroke but tharpt is my worse nightmare so try to keep as fit as poss loss weight and never smoked! Working on the stress :-) will be redeployed as my current job I'm currently on long term sick was a contributory factor to Tia's. Kath xxx

  • Hi Mazsha, for your safety in a public forum, please send email addresses by private message, Mary F x

  • Hi All

    Yes, I get these as well.


  • Nods.

  • Hi Kathy,

    Yes, I get these random pains. I have always associated them with my Vasculitis/Lupus. Maybe I should now think that it is the Hughes that is responsible.

    Many thanks for posting this question as it seems that quite a few of us suffer from this complaint.

  • Hi Tomcat, I get the shooting pains mostly at my temples and sometimes behind or between my eyes, it is sometimes accompanied by seeing spots or lights. There really seems to be no end to what this disease causes. So many strange random problems from head to toe.

  • Yes I get these too.

    I get them in my head and also my eyes. Actually I pretty much get them anywhere from my toes upwards.

    I can feel a poll coming on


  • Glad it's not just me then.

  • Hi Tomcat..

    I have them as well. Always in the same spot in my head. Stabbing sharp and usually very fast pains. They come in spurts and I can have them for a day and then gone for months.

    Seems like another common type thread we all share.

  • Well described exactly how mine are!! Kx

  • Yes, always the same spot dead centre of head going straight down like a stiletto. Wow - big zaps of pain, then gone and maybe gone for months. But impossible to momentarily carry on a conversation. Always did wonder about them.

  • I have these, its enough to double me over and whince and yelp - only momentarily but bloodyhell they hurt! I get them top/side of head and sometimes in temple x

  • More or less stopped when started on warfarin but sometimes get the odd shooting pain in head. Definitely get whooshing and tinnitus in ears and hearing affected, did have bilateral hearing aids at one time but warfarin has definitely helped all sorts of things. Used to get lots of head pains before stroke 6 years ago. xx

  • Seem to come in spurts and then none for months. Going through a patch right now. Right down through the top centre of my head. They do seem to be in conjunction with generalized headaches.

  • get all of it, found scattered micro spots in front temperol area of brain. Pain reduced since on warfarin but as not stable neither is the rest, take care

  • Yes, Tomcat (and co!),

    I've also had this on and off for as long as I remember - even as far back as childhood. Also in my ears, eyes and in other various parts of my body. such as stomach, chest, ribs and back - all randomly.

    I have no idea of what causes it - no obvious rhyme nor reason that I can pinpoint, but it's usually enough to stop me in my tracks and make me gasp/cry out - then it's gone and I feel very foolish....... :-\

    Since starting Warfarin 10 months ago it seems much better - I can only recall one or two occasions when it's occured.

    Bunch of freaks, aren't we? ;-)

  • Nothing worse than suddenly whimpering when your around people you don't know, you get the funniest looks.

    And yeah, definatley freaks,lol.

  • Hi Izzchick

    This sounds just like me I think someone has a voodoo doll of me as I get the odd shooting pain at random parts of my body, mainly the sides of my head though!!

  • Hi everybody... I have this too, just like that (I'm 57 years old) and sorry to say, but it seems that last all your life long. My father had this too, he was 90 y.o. when he passed away and... it never stopped. Just like a vodoo doll, very freak indeed!

  • Hallo there,

    Do you have been diagnosed with APS (Hughes Syndrome)?

    If so, where do you live and do you have found an APS-Specialist for this condition? Are you on any anticoagulationtherapy?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I don't know if this is the same kind of pain, but ever since I was a teenager I randomly get a sharp pain, kind of like an electric shock, above my left ear. I was thinking maybe it was a pinched nerve. I become almost debilitated until it goes away. It can be very dangerous if driving. It happens once every three months or so and lasts for about 5 to 10 seconds. Does anyone else out there get this kind of a pain?

  • Hi Christin, I know this post is a year old, but have you ever found out the name of the head pains?? I haven't had one in about a year, but it could happen again without any notice. I usually have to hold my hand against the painful spot and apply pressure until the pain goes away (usually 10-15 seconds). What the heck is this??

  • Hi! I have recently seen Dr. Savundra in London about this. I will look up his report tomorrow and let you know exactly what he said..I feel very relieved as it doesn't seem to be serious. He is another one of London's fantastic doctors.

  • is how Dr. Savundra described my pain"....intrusive symptom of intermittent excruciating discomfort superior to the left temporomandibular joint in the region of the posterior insertion of the superior and anterior auricular muscles and the distribution of a twig of the left auriculo-temporal nerve, itself a branch of the mandibular nerve. The sensory symptoms do not involve other areas innervated by the trigeminal nerves. She has found that pushing a finger into the area is helpful, so the issue is not tenderness. The sharp pain starts spontaneously and it lasts around 15-30 seconds."

    He goes on to say..." The very focal nature of the sharp pain and the long history definitely exclude any serious underlying pathology and also any pathology involving the brain and the proximal portion of the trigeminal nerve and its divisions. The hearing dip is contralateral to the sensory symptoms which is further reassuring. Possibly there is an association with her previous dental problems, or the symptom may be a manifestation of migraine aura. It would be helpful to have imaging of the relevant areas and a 3-Tesla scanner would perhaps avoid the need for gadolinium. "

    I had a scan of my brain MRI with me, that I had taken several years back, and that was helpful. We discussed that the pain may be related to the lack of circulation in the nerve area described, due to the Hughes Syndrome. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Savundra, if you are in the London area. I hope this helps...good luck!

  • That helps.christin..i can not afford to go to someone like that. So that s aBIG BIG RELIEF..THANK YOU SO MUCH..

  • Hi Dummmy,

    We have Hughes Syndrome/APS on this site so if you have those symptoms I suggest you test for that illness.

    I live in Sweden but many members have been to Dr Savundra and have got an answer on their problems so it is reallly good advice you get here from Christin 4 years ago.

    We have too thick blood with HS/APS and also often vertigo and balance-issues and migraine.

    Read what Christin writes. My Specialist of those issues in Sweden said I had microembolie and should try Warfarin. You can try to begin with Baby-Aspirin (75 - 100 mg) and see if it will help a little. Take it with food.

    Otherwise take the antibodies for HS/APS or go to dr Savundra.

    I have been ok after Warfarin. Read about it in "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray. It is not sure you have Hughes Syndrome but worth testing.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Hey..are u still facing this pain..I wish not..

    Please can u tell me how to get it diagnosed.

    I am bearing it from 5 year..Cant take it any more..

  • Been getting those for past few monthhs

  • Yes, I too get these often. It is normally is on the left side of my head along with a pain down to ear and jaw. My ears "crackled" on a daily basis and sometimes have pain in left ear accompanied with sharp pain on last side. I dont ever remember NOT having this, even as a child. I did have myself checked years ago by an ENT that found a deformity in my ear. He described it as a pocket that held fluid and it seemed to release from time to time. He wanted me to have surgery but i didn't ever go for a follow up visit. At that particular time in my life, I wasn't having any "known" flares and didn't associate with APS. I'm still not sure that isn't particularly associated with APS. I'm in the process of going to hemo, neuro, and etc. next week. If I find out anything, I'll be sure to post findings. PS- I am so thankful for this site!! Denial hasn't be fun:)

    Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED)

    When antibodies attack the inner ear it is called autoimmune inner ear disease.  This can cause dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and progressive hearing loss.

  • I have been having these types of headaches as well as all of the symptoms that you listed for AIED. I had no idea it could be related!

  • Reading these comments really makes me feel not so alone in all this!!! thanks, it helps... I was starting to think i was imagining some of these hard to explain symptoms.

  • I get sharp stabbing pain in my skull that is excruciating and last about 1 minute. I have no other symptoms. Sometimes I am worried I am having a seizure.

  • This is known as idiopathic stabbing headache and can be part of migraine!

  • This might be idiopathic stabbing headache or primary stabbing headache. I got that from APsnotFab. From what I just learned on another website, there are medications you can take that appear to be helpful. Also you can try taking a melatonin supplement.

  • Did you ever figure out what it is Tomcat?? I get the same thing!

  • Sadly no, the specialist I used to see moved to a hospital at the other end of the country, her replacement was nither use nor ornament, he was asian and hardly spoke any english. On my first and only visit I had with him he tried to reverse all my current treatments and contradicted everything the previous doctors had recommended. I stopped going after that as there just wasn't a decent specialist to go to, now I just self medicate and so far I've been fine. Thankfully I'm not quite ill enough to need Warfarin so I'm still on the aspirin.

    I have started to notice that my concentration has gone completely out the window though, sometimes I can read something 3 or 4 times and it still doesnt go in.I've recently started a new job that was very technical and I found it extremely difficult to pick up, this was something that in the past I would have had no problem with at all.

  • The crippling pains I was getting in my lower back have virtually gone, along with a large portion of my other side effects. I've been given vitamin B12 and another medication whos name I can currently recall, I'll post it up later if I remember. Its made such a massive difference to me, I've been able to get back to work!

  • Have been getting a sharp pain on right side of my head since yesterday, like you it only lasts a few seconds, I do get migraine though, reckon it could be related?

  • Howdy,

    From what I understand, the pain is called an Ice Pick Headache. I get them multiple times a day, but the days I have them are few and far between. For me its on the right side of my head, either right on top or right behind me ear. They are more common in people that suffer migraines. They suck, they make me flinch because they're so unexpected and painful.

  • I only ever get then on the pressure point on the side of my right eye, had it for years but worse lately

  • Do you have APS? We don't encourage people to message as the whole point of the Forum is for everyone to learn from the posts.

  • Yeah!

  • damn, glad it's not just me. I can get these sharp stabbing pains/ tingly feelings anywhere (I think because of my anxiety), but recently it's went to my brain also.

  • Hi I get pains in My head in all different areas that comes and go's it started off when I had a flu virus not 100% sure if it was the flu tho but was also put on antibiotics because I suffered from mouth thrush and suffer from pains in my head ever since I get a lot of colds and sometimes get pains at the back of my eyes have recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 am not sure if the virus I had had disturb something and that's why am getting pains in my head or it could be down to a sinus infection or even my diabetes I also get pressure sometimes at the back of my nose to can somebody pleas help me as am frightened I might have a brain tumour or sinus cancer it plays on my mind a lot and causes me to worry ....

  • Yes I have been getting short sharp pains on both sides of my head only lasts a few seconds, not sure what it could be!!

  • This happens to me too! Shooting pains above left ear around temple, tinnitus in left ear, and also neck pain. It feels as though the muscles in my left temple are very tight. I thought these head pains were from the tightness in my neck. Did anyone discover what this was?

  • Hi, I did have those shooting pains for some seconds. When I started Warfarin 3 years ago i have never had them afterwards.

    I guess they were microclots like the other neurological symptoms I used to have before Warfarin.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I get sharp stabbing pains in my head. Sometimes it seems my ear might be involved. In the area of the head where the stabbing is, the scalp is actually sensitive and tender or sore. The stabbing pains become intense and then fade, usually over a two day period. I have decided they are sinus related. An episode can be started if wind is blowing in my ear, like if I'm sitting in a car and the AC blows on my ear for an extended period of time then I might have an episode start within hours of that. Even though I won't have sinus congestion the condition seems to improve if I use sinus medications. Doctors I've consulted never have any idea what I'm talking about. People who have this and get scans usually report the scans are normal.

  • Hallo, Do you have APS? Who has diagnosed you and where are you from?

    If you answer yes on the first question you may ask us but we are no doctors here only trying to help eachother on our freetime.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm, Sweden

  • While at work i hit the top of my head on the corner of a Range hood above the oven.

    A day later i awoke with a sore ear. I got to work and started getting these sharp,shocking,stabbing pains in my head. They only lasted for 2 sec but happend every 10-30 minutes at random. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with me. Then i started to google it and found this site. Not sure what is happening

  • Hi there TeachingPrincess,

    Perhaps you should investigate this more if it continues. That I suggest you do.

    You are now on a site for Hughes Syndrome (Antiphospholipidsyndrome) which is an autoimmun illness not very common and very few doctors know about it. We have too thick blood and get a lot of symptoms but are much better when the blood is thinned (anticoagulated).

    Hope it will soon go away.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I too have very painful sharp stabbing pains, always in the same place to the side of my right eye, just had them a second ago, it seems to calm them if i close my right eye, I've had this for years but recent attacks have been more than the normal couple of seconds and can be maybe 15-20 stabs before I can get it to go away by rubbing my closed right eye, I wear glasses mainly because I have quite bad astigmatism in both eyes rather than poor sight, my glasses are overdue being replaced so maybe that's part of the problem.

  • Yes i do normally near my temple.only lasted a few second but been out of bed for 8 hours and still getting them.

  • Just a little update on this, I'm now on Hydroxychloroquin and most of the nasty symptoms have gone (sharp head pains included) however... I now get really bad ones in my legs and feet instead, these actually feel like I'm being stabbed and hurt like hell, they also last a bit longer than the head pains

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