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Feeling so tired

Hi guys I am feeling so tierd spent 7 hours in hospital Sunday with chest pain to find out my INR was 2.3 when my range is 3-3.5 the doctor said everything was ok but after coming home have nearly slept every hour since and cant get INR checked till friday. I have got to go to work and don't know how I'm going to cope just wondered if anyone had any advice please thanks xx

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Unfortunately this is one of the classic symptoms of APS and it doesn't matter how long you sleep, you can't always shake-off the fatigue. You just need to try and be patient and hopefully it will subside.

Sometimes sufferers function better with a higher INR range so you may want to have a chat with your doctor. Also, Hydroxychloroquine was recommended to me in an attempt to combat the fatigue: I have only been on it a short while, so probably too early to pass comment.

Take care and good luck




Yes tiredness and fatigue can be a major problem with APS and one that can hit you one day and then you can feel ok the next, in my experience.

Best wishes



Probably wont have a job by next week as I'm one step away from being sacked !!!


So sorry I hope not. I although tired most of the time I find on a good day. I go a bit mad but pay for it 2 days later

Good luck, hope you feel better soon


Hi I know exactly how you feel, I woke up with tight chest pains hacking cough and exhausted. I am not on warfarin as not had a clot.

I had a month on last November and I am being monitored for my sick so I struggle as as I need to work.

Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon



Hi Noodlesrita123 , i know how you feel , the last few months i have been fatigued on and off so was getting some breaks but now i seem to be sooo tired most days , im ok i dont work but feel for you as you have no controll over this , there`s not much i can say when giving advice but you do have people that care on this website , keep talking take care Kim x


Hello i am Gitta and i have APS for almost 3 years now and i feel so tired every day! My legs feel so strange and when it's cold outside it feels like my legs are frozen!?

The dokters here don't take me serieus about this all .. my cardiolipine must be lower than 7 but it is 85

X Gitta.


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