Does anyone know the nearest APS specialist to LINCOLN Lincolnshire

Hello all I am new to the site, I have APS and Protein S Deficiency, Lupus and numerous other illnesses. I used to go to St Thomas, but now it is too far for me to travel as I am 99.9% housebound, I wonder if anyone knows the closest consultant to Lincoln, as I have worsened since 2010 and don't see anyone for my APS and Protein S Deficiency, Lupus, at all, I just have my INR checked weekly, using my own machine, and dosing by the local INR clinic.

Many thanks to you all

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  • Hi there, firstly do please get hold of any useful paperwork from St Thomas' either via your GP or from the department you were with, and please see our "Pinned Posts" where there is a list of medical consultants, and you can find your nearest one!

    Mary F x

  • Many thanks sadly all my notes were lost several years ago, and they started new ones, but I only got their once, then moved to Lincs, I used to see Prof Hughes and Beverely Hunt, but years of notes are now no more.

  • your new specialist if GP refers, may be able to request them from archives, St Thomas' - it is not unheard of. Best of luck. Mary F x

  • Dr Bethan Myers practices at the Lincoln County Hospital.

    Our specialists list is compiled on recommendation from other patients and Dr Myers is happy to see new APS patients.

  • Many thanks being referred

  • That is lovely thank you, will ask my GP if he is happy to refer me, I was diagnosed in 1992 but not been seen by anyone for approx. 8-9 years, I am now getting worse, and feel I need to see someone.

  • I'm going to be asking for a referral to her when I see my GP next week- good luck!

  • All the best .. I am being referred

  • Great news :)

  • Thank you I have also had a low GFR today after 8-9 years of no treatment for my Lupus APS and Protein S problems, I think it is time I got some expert help !!!!

  • Seeing my new specialist in Lincoln Today, thanks to help here by finding a specialist in my area ! Thank you SO much for that, haven't seen anyone since St Thomas Lupus Clinic about 10 years ago ... Need to see someone who knows about APS and PSD etc as it is so important to get the support when we need it so Thank You to all of you! who pointed me in the right direction. x

  • Hope it went well with Dr Myers Cherry? Can you give any feedback for other patients?

  • I was really happy to see Dr Myers she was very good, and I would recommend her to anyone, I go back to see her in just over 8 weeks for blood tests results etc. So we can then take things from there. I am so pleased I am now under her, at last I don't feel so alone with my blood clotting illnesses, so my feedback would be excellent.

  • Brilliant news - I do like to know how people get on with the APS specialists we've listed online, so am really pleased Bethan Myers can be recommended in the future :)

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