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Please see question below. Sorry i wasnt sur ehow to enter this

Hi Everyone, I havent written in a while. I am having a terrible time with my gums they are swollen and bleeding plus the dentist said I have major bone loss due to the Hughes. My hemotologist wants to put me on DDAVP because my Factor VIII is too low due to the vonWillebrands disease, however Im scared that it will mess up the antiphospholipids! Im so confused! Any suggestions?... Teresa P.S. I had a major bleed in January. Plus i was in the hospital Feb. for dizziness

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Hi Babe

So sorry about you gums I have Sjogren's Syndrome and this happened to me all my gums bleed and swell and all my front teeth were loose all lovely but loose I had to have them out but a fantastic job done by Hugo my Dentist on the NHS may I add thats it from me as I can't help you with the other stuff good luck sweetie x


Thank you Taffy...Thats probably what im going to end up doing as well, I just need an ok with my hematologist because I have the hemophillia as well so the dentist isnt thrilled with taking my teeth out. I just done understand why they will put off the inevitable.


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