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When you say you know you clot, how do you know, what are the symptoms and when to go to doctors, and what can they do?

Just worried about my left calf, its a bit swollen and I had a fall lately that resulted in a bruise on my left thigh. Left calf a bit sensitive to the touch. I am keeping an eye on it, drinking lots of water and hoping it goes away. Anyone any advice?

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You really ought to go to doctor and get it checked out. You never know. All I know is when I had a DVT I had quite a bit of pain, and it was sensitive to touch.


Hello, well first thing, I would be seeking some medical reassurance, maybe it is just related to the fact that you have bumped your leg.. however as I do not know your diagnosis or what medication you are on, It would be wrong of me to advise you. You can get swelling with a clot. Personally I would be trotting off to the docs or A&E for a once over. If you have a diagnosis of Hughes/APS I would be alerting them to that and also giving a list of my medications. But please don't panic or over worry, just do what is needed to put your mind at rest. And do let us know the outcome. Mary F x


Thanks for your quick replies, I could go tomorrow, theres a general strike on today, which means all public sector workers and therefore probably medical staff too.

I take Sintrom and had a PE two years ago. Been in the wars lately, too busy, too much stress, too much work and a fall resulting in the bruises and now the swelling and tenderness. I have primary hughes.

Will get it checked out and let you know

Thanks and best regards

Sara xx


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