My sincere condolences to the family and friends of the two Boston Marathon runners killed in the terrorism attack at the Boston Marathon finish line today. Although we do not know how many have been injured and maimed at present, thousands were standing at the finish line. Another unexploded bomb was found and at this time they are searching for more. There are many critical injuries in many different hospitals and no way to keep track of injured at this time. My prayers go out to them during this terrible time for the injured and their families.



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  • Such a sore in the wound of the world -- may those whom are responceable -- feel the rath of the people -- my heart goes out to all injured in this act of cowardism. people from the world effected - a sad day in all our lives ---- jet

  • A very sad event which will leave a scar! I hope people come together to help each other. Mary F x

  • They are now reporting that one of the deceased is an eight year old child - how tragic....

    As 911 changed things so will this. :-(

  • We don't know who did this. But I hear about the ER doc who was a runner who ended up treating his fellow runners, the runners who crossed the finish line, but kept on running straight to Mass General Hospital to donate blood -- this presumed act of terror speaks more to who we are then to who they are.

  • Your right, Gina. We don't know who did this. Was 911 a foriegn or domestic attack? There are many who believe many different things which range from the ridiculous to down right scary. This country is in turmoil now and an act of violence should have been anticipated. It should ALWAYS be anticipated whether foriegn or domestic from now on. Think of all of our States being separate little countries that believe their own beliefs, because America is very similar to just that. All these little countries are bound to squable and truly our President walked into the worst job on Earth, no matter who he would have been. We have descecrated the original dream the United States was built on. No one seems to know how to fix it because individually they are each broken in their own way. I fear for my son's generation.

    The sad fact is that we can expect this to happen again and again. In truth, this has always happened in different ways at different times since the beginning. It will continue to happen whether it is here or in Israel or the Koreas or London. It will always happen until one completely global generation can figure out a way to live in peace.



  • Very well said Canary, this is and will be a world problem with no fix in sight. jet

  • My heart goes out to all those directly affected. And it goes out also to not just our country, but to our world. We need Peace. Everything each of you has said touches on such truths. The answers are not easy. I pray for Universal Peace.


    Our ABC/News broadcasted a correction this morning made by the Boston Fire Department. A spokesman from the Fire Department reported 4 unexploded devices found but unexploded yesterday, which they then exploded in a controlled manner. However, NONE of them were bombs. They were mostly backpacks left in panic. At this time, they are reporting no unexploded bombs. Obviously, it is too soon to have dependable facts. Speculation is running rampant. I must say I have the greatest respect and admiration for the Bostonians directly affected by this terrible act. Particularly, the children. I have watched many an interview of children whom you know will be adversely affected all their lives by this incident. The bewilderment in their eyes conveys so very much. The bewilderment in the eyes of their parents holding them tight conveys even more. The safety of America has been shook.

  • Such beautiful comments from CanaryDiamond10, all 3 of of them. This might have happened in Boston but it included runners and visitors from around the world. It is so tragic!!

    My heart goes out to all victims and their families. Prayers are with you all !!!!!!

  • Hi Tiger! So good to read you and know you are okay. Thank you for your kind comments. They just reported that over 100 countries were represented. 250 runners from Germany alone! It is senseless and I cannot believe there is a reason other than pure evil to make innocent people, trying to help others, suffer so. It truly is an international incident. I really didn't realize just how international that run is until they began to list how many runners from which countries participated. Sadly, we can expect for it to happen again. All over. All people don't value life as you and I do. They haven't had it directly threatened like you and I have. They say there is a reason for everything, but I just find it difficult to comprehend any reason to this.

    So glad to see you on the forum and to know you are okay.



  • I hope they catch those responsible very soon.... i just dont understand the mentality of such people i just hope they are not in any position to continue to terrorise anyone else!! In the UK it makes my blood boil how terrorist demand their human rights are respected and get protection!

    Then you see act of heart warming amazing people that work together to help and support others ... it is a very small minority that are evil my heart goes out to all those this tragedy has affected - life is so precious and that poor 8 year old losing his innocent life is too much to bear. kathy xx

  • I pray for all those affected. That poor family of the eight year old. He passed away, his sister lost her leg and his mom has a severe brain injury! God help them

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