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APS is associated with transverse myelitis

Transverse myelitis or TM may be a clinical presentation of APS according to doctors, Hehdi, Uthman and Khamashta. One symptom associated with TM is neuromyelitis optica which causes eye pain. One can be tested for an antibody marker called NMO-igG.

Personally, I am trying to distinguish symptoms of TM from my APS diagnosis. The more info that we can share the better.

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I suffered TM became paraplegic, told would never walk again, spent 7 years in a wheelchair and the last 10 years re-teaching myself to walk. Yes I can walk :-) I did suffer eye pain at the time, also with loss of peripheral vision, but didn't know it had a name or what caused it, which was the beginning for me - well actually not the beginging of and endless list of undiagnosed problems, which since my DX of Primary APS last November seems to be attributed to.

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wow ive had the same - a stroke caused my vision loss, but no explanation for the eye pain - ive now had it for 6 debilitating months x


I went to the doctor yesterday. Recent blood work shows that all of my APS antibodies are gone! I still have the same symptoms, pain at back of head and neck, burning sensation head to toes, muscle spasms, left eye pain, fatigue, leg weakness. The temporary paralysis of my hands was at the end of 2005 following a flu vaccine. Transverse myelitis is a know risk with vaccines. My new diagnoses is transverse myelitis. I feel better when I am moving also typical of inflammation of spinal cord. Doctor advises I continue as I am doing. i make sure I am moving everyday, walking or biking and I do quite a bit of yoga. I am off gluten, soy and dairy which has also addressed associated GI issues. question about whether my symptoms were related to blood clotting of APS or TM has been answered seeing as I have no more APS antibodies and the clotting tests were normal.

I pass all of this on as it may help someone sometime somewhere. Haley


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