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My Experience with COVID


Hi all -

I know there have been some questions and curiosities around how covid affects those with APS. I had it so I thought I’d share my experience.

I’m 34 and just had my second child on 8/25. I started feeling poorly around 8/29 and tested positive doe COVID on 9/3. I was on lovenox injections throughout pregnancy and was still on them when I tested positive at just over a week postpartum (double prophylactic dose of 40mg twice a day). My early symptoms were a low fever, lots of congestion and phlegm, and a weird smell in my nose that was very sharp. I had a cesarean and was on high doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen to control my post op pain, which may have been unknowingly keeping my fever down.

My husband also caught it (we believe we got it from an asymptomatic staff member at the hospital) and his symptoms were dramatic and severe. He had a much harder time with it than I did overall. High fevers, terrible body aches and nerve pain, crazy fatigue, a ridiculously high heart rate... he was completely down for the doubt.

It mostly ran its course for both of us in about 10 days but we had lingering dry coughs and fatigue. My symptoms mostly mimicked that of a moderate to severe sinus infection but I did completely lose my sense of taste and smell.

Honestly the hardest part for me was having to isolate my husband and not having any help with my toddler (who also got sick - high fever, runny nose, cough) and newborn plus being just a week post op. The toddler was not a fan of the sick mom, hiding dad, and new needy baby combo and I was doing a lot more lifting then I should have been. I’m also mad it took away from what started out as normal postpartum time. My first spent 2.5 months in the NiCU and was very premature, so I thought I was home free with my second (born at 37 weeks) but then boom.. covid.

It really sucked but we survived. Just wanted to share an experience with it from a triple positive APS perspective. Happy to answer any questions as well.

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Thank you so much for posting this, and I do hope you and your family get to enjoy some new baby time now. You are spot on that we hear very little about how we APS-ers handle COVID. This was very helpful and I appreciate it.

QWell Jess thanks for sharing - i am sure there are many wanting to read this . ijust got tested many of the symptoms were the APS anyways BUT the confusion and the bone and muscle aches that prompted my Doc to have me tested - i was however tested at a secure remote site . I got tested friday 11-27- 220 and should be resulted by hopefully Tuesday .Glad you all got thru it and all are ok .


Thank you for taking the trouble to do this, I hope you all continue to feel much better. MaryF

Thank you for sharing with us. I am so sorry that this all happened , especially right after having a baby. May you all be blessed with good health and many joyful times. Hug those babies for us :)

You are amazing, Jessica! What a selfless act, to take the time to let others with APS know how COvid19 affected you, despite the fact that you have a sick husband, a toddler, and a newborn. I pray that your life will get easier as the covid passes. Thank you so much for thinking of others during a time like this in your life.

KellyInTexasAdministrator in reply to Mariliz008

I was thinking exactly the same thing- thank you for saying this !

Thank you for sharing. And, wow! That sounds scary and very stressful, but what an amazing, strong mom you are. Again, I appreciate you sharing as there isn’t much info out there on Covid and APS.

I’m glad you all are ok. Do you or your husband have any lingering symptoms from covid?

JessicAZ in reply to Apples2000

Fatigue and dry cough stuck around for a couple of weeks but now we feel pretty much back to normal. I was slow to heal from my cesarean but I think that has a lot more to do with me pushing myself so hard physically out of necessity, not so much covid itself. We’re both setting cardio appts before we get back into any kind of strenuous exercise just to be on the safe side. His heart rate was crazy high when he was sick (hit 140 just from standing up and walking around and was around 110 at rest). Mine has been lower resting rate than normal so I want to get checked out too, in an abundance of caution.


Bravo bravo bravo!!!!!!

And I’m so sorry.

And congratulations on the baby!!!!

( tell your husband I’m sorry he was sick also- hope he is feeling up to date up on on the cuddles with baby and toddler, and his heroic wife.)

Yes, bravo for handling that stressful time!! Congrats on your new baby and sending you and your family good vibes for a full recovery! Thank you again for sharing. 💕

Well done for coping during such a difficult time. Congratulations on your new baby. Glad to hear you came through Covid okay as did the rest of your family. It gives me hope that if I were to catch it it doesn't always need to be something where we would be worse and hospitalised with our conditions we all cope with. Thank you for posting.

Kaz x

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