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Shin pain


While I’m here I thought I should ask one more question. This is an issue I have had for a long time so it’s not new it just is. My shins are always sore and painful to the touch, does anyone else have this problem and if so does anyone know why? It just seems like a weird area to have chronic pain in. I also have a lot of joint pain especially my hips, this makes walking very hard some days, but I believe the hip pain is common In APS.

Thank you! Be safe

Souls Rebel

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I have this, but I don't know what it is either. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain too.

Thank you Tofino5 for your reply. I am sorry that u suffer from the same type of pain, but I’m glad u shared it with me so at least I know I am not alone in weird shin pain Club.

Thanks again

Souls Rebel

I have erythema nodosum as part of my Lupus. Shin pain is bad but I also have lumps on my shins and red bumps when it is active. Might be something worth ruling in or out. Speak with you specialist. Hope you are able to find out and sorry to hear you are in pain.


I am very sorry to hear that u are having such pain, pain is just so relentless. I appreciate your sharing with me. I haven’t heard of erythema nodosum but will definitely check into it.

Thank you


I found your question really interesting, as shin pain a new one to me.

I'm glad you have answers from others so you are not alone. I'm intrigued what does your specialist say? I'm not happy you are suffering to this extent, not being able to walk etc without understanding why, what causes it?

Though with us APS does rear its ugly head in all manner of ways and places!!

I will watch for other answers may give other clues.

I get incredible pain in my hips which is blamed on my sjogrens.


I have had the pain for several years now and I to am glad that I posted it because now I no it’s not just me it’s just a weird thing to have.


I too intermittently suffer from shin pain! It's the weirdest thing, comes and goes, and is a deep to the bone ache! I've had a bone scan last year as a part of my routine workup and no known issues. I also suffer from some joint and hip pain, but I did have an acl / mcl repair from an accident few years prior, but the knee injury was in the opposite leg! So no clue why I have this shin pain! Wish we could figure it out!!

I am sorry that u to suffer this pain. Mine never goes away I just do my best to mentally block out the pain I’ve always managed pain well and have a rather high pain threshold, but sometimes it becomes just one more thing u have to pretend isn’t there and that is just no fun. The hip pain is definitely worse and continues to get worse. It’s probably time To get a new set of scans. Just look an see maybe this time something we do figure it out this time. If not I guess APS will be APS! Thank u for sharing

Yes I do too , like deep bone pain , especially at night , it's in the shins and hips it comes and goes and wakes me up ! Weirdly it settles when I get up ! APS is weird !


Mine to is deep bone pain as well as pain to the touch. It’s just weird. I am sorry that u suffer from this aswell. I am grateful for your and everyone else’s reply. It would seem many of us suffer from this weird pain. I’m glad I finally asked about it!

Thank you 😊

Are your shins pinkish/red with the skin giving off a fair amount of heat? Is the pain inside the leg or superficial (dermis)?


I had this a few years ago and was told it was 'shin splints' I do exercise quite a bit, however this was prior to my better vitamin D and general dosing of things, so maybe at that stage my inflammation was higher. I am sure us lot get inflamed more easily, exercise or not. MaryF

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