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Pain in shoulder blade

Hi. Does anyone else suffer with pain in their shoulder blades? When I cough I get a pain in my right shoulder blade. When I sneeze the pain is excruciating. I mentioned it to my GP who didn't seem overly concerned, but the pain is getting too much! I take an intihistermine for my hay fever, but that doesn't stop all the sneezing! Have any of you out there ever experienced this?!!

Thanks for reading, Sally

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Yes I get pain in shoulder right shoulde blade. Curiously it is always on right.

I have been told it is probably caused by Fibromyalgia but gall stones can also cause painin R Shoulder Blade.

Hope it iproves soon x


I get soooo cross when everything is dumped in a Fibro bucket. In my opinion there is is nearly always a reason for a pain! Pain is the bodies natural warning system.

I'd give a guess that you are right handed? The pain in your right shoulder blade could well be a trigger point. This is a hard fibrous muscle lump which you should be able to feel in the area where the pain is coming from although sometimes the pain is deflected from the source of the trigger especially if the pain is deep.

Try putting a tennis ball in a sock and holding it against the wall where the area of pain is whilst you lean up against a wall and then as you hold onto the sock move the tennis ball around over the painful area. I bet you will feel the lump. Try keeping the ball on it and applying gentle pressure in short bursts. You can do this a few times a day. Then ice the area with a pad or frozen peas and if you are allowed take an anti inflammatory.

Here is an article explaining what trigger points are.

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Thank you for your response. I will definitely give it a try and yes I am right handed! Thanks for the link too, Sally


Thank you, I will try and post my results. Happy Holidays :)


Hi All - I have osteoarthritis , started in knee's ,then to feet, spine, up into shoulders - also AVN all of this we get from our gift that keeps on giving-----------------I have trigger point injections every 2 to 3 weeks--------------jet


Pleurisy perhaps? I had it a few years ago and it was horrible.


I have dreadful pain that keeps me up many nights. They don't believe it is fibro but I am desperate for answers. For me it can be one or both shoulders and it is by far worse than my other pains.

I did read that this type of pain (in my case it is upper back where shoulder blades meet spine) can also indicate esophageal cancer, and as a longtime smoker I'd feel better getting this investigated. Whatever it is, no pain medicine helps (even narcotics) and I'm growing wary.

If you find something that helps, let me know :)


Lost my reply some how, start again

I had severe bone pain across my shoulders where my bra strap goes across my back, just about the only area you can't rub!

I had it for years I couldn't even carry my hand bag some times.

I was Given a DXA scan ( another story)

It showed dense bone, diagnosed with osteonecrosis in several areas, I had a bone biopsy as well, not sure if I needed both. I also had a 24 hour urinary test, which is to see what my bone turnover was had l have had Hughes syndrome for years without treatment.? Blood supply to my bones,

I was given

Zoledronate infusion, not sure how long after it I proved after this, just noticed I no longer had pain, pity it didn't improve my memory.

The Improvement means I can now open shop doors, look at tightly packed clothes on hangers in shops carry things etc, seems funny but I can now keep my mouth open longer handy at dentist which is good.

I am not sure how long it lasts I had it over a year ago, I think I may be due to a top up as my jaw has started to get stiff again and clicks sometimes have a pain back

I think I also have to have an MRI in the future to see how things are

This was all arranged by a Rheumatologist from who my Haematologist ask to see me.

Hope this all makes sense

Good luck, please feel free to ask me more and I will try and think,


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