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CoaguCheck XS


I haven’t been on this site n a while and was wondering if most people who self test are still using the CoaguCheck XS? Or have they come out with something better or as reliable but with less expensive test strips? Or is CoaguCheck still the way to go?

Thank you i hope everyone is doing well and following all safety procedures, thats all we can do in these times.

Sould Rebel

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I am still using the Coaguchek XS and have been for 10+ years. I am not aware there is another recognised device around.

I use the Coaguchek XS. I get my strips and lances on prescription. I have a prepayment card so works out cheeper.


This seems to be what most people use, with success, I do not, as I am not on Warfarin. MaryF

Hello...I used the coagucheck xs and have done for 15 years..haven't heard if anything that superced me using this. It's my reassurance..wont be without it x

I am still using coaguchek XS and swear by it. I do not have to leave the house to be tested which at the moment is fantastic. I get the test strips on repeat prescription but paid for the machine and the lancets myself. Well worth it.

stay well and positive everyone during this awful time and also eat healthy. It really does help.

Kaz xx

I too use the Xs. There is a new machine out with different strips that I seen on website but not sure what it’s for. So as long as they still do the strips for the Xs that is the way to go.

Hi there, I still use the xs with no problems what so ever. However, when I went for my six monthly review I was informed that Roche had brought out a new machine and that they would gradually be phasing the test strips out for the xs. That was a few months ago and I have had no problems getting hold of the test strips on prescription. I know the new machine was the same price as the xs which is a little surprising so it would be worth contacting Roche if you are looking to buy a machine for the first time.

The Xs has been replaced with the INRange in the past year or so it still uses the Xs test strips.

Wouldn’t be without, where you live depends on wether you will get test strips on prescription. It’s a post code lottery


There is a new machine called INRange for same price as Coaguchek XS £299. Finance plans are available.

I spoke to customer services a couple of weeks ago. They confirmed that for some APS patients they still are not accurate. So checking to venous sample 3 times before you start to rely on them is an absolute must in order to know whether they are suitable for you. For some patients they are totally inaccurate.

I don’t know anyone who has used the new machine.

I don’t know how much the test strips are but the info is easily found on the Coaguchek website. I doubt if they are cheaper.

I’ve used Coaguchek machines for 15 years and the only time they were unreliable were when there was a problem with the strips a couple of years ago.

Oldfox81 in reply to Jumper99

I have the new machine and been using it about 12 months now. To check accuracy I do a test prior to any visit to the doctors. Only ever been out once and that was by 0.1 so I can say it’s pretty accurate. This accuracy has also been acknowledged by my doctor to the extent that if I am away working when my regular check is required I can self test and call in my result.

Jumper99 in reply to Oldfox81

Thank you so much for the info on the new machine. It is very accurate for you. Im about 0.2 out on the Coaguchek XS and it’s fairly consistent. So much easier to test at home, we are lucky.

I use this device, not aware of any different home tester.

Stay safe & healthy everyone!!

Still using mine. Had to pay for it myself and the strips, for years it's felt expensive but reassuring to be able to test when _I_ want and have all the data that I want on my INR, and useful when travelling.

Right now though, it feels like about the best investment I ever made...

Hi. I'm still using the xs

I use the coagucheck, but in Denmark where I live we get it for free and the strips, too :). I had another problem though, since it turned out (after a new Trombose) that my apparatus didn’t measure my IRN correctly. I found out (from a Danish Facebook group) that I had to check the INR results from the coagucheck with tests from the vein in my arm. They were not the same ... and therefore my INR had been too low all the time. Luckily I found a doctor who via an algorithm could transfer my measurements from the coagucheck to my real INR, so I could keep using the self testing, and just correct the coagucheck test result via a table. But this is a warning to you if you don’t already know, to go to your doctor and check if your INR results from the coagucheck is the same as INR from an arm vein. Otherwise you risk not to be in the range 2,5-4 or what you should be.

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