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Hi everybody.

I had 2 pregnancy loss at 17 weeks and 26 weeks, so I did "anti cardio G" and "lupus anticoagulant antibody". These test were negative but "antithrombin" was 69/1 % (the normal range mentioned in the sheet is 80-120%). Does anybody know what it means? I am 13 weeks pregnant now and 2 weeks later I will go to the doctor for my checkup. I have diabetes type 1 and hypothyroidism too.

2 Replies
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Thanks a lot for your time and useful and detailed information. I have already done anti cardiolipin and lupus anticoagulant. The results were negative. 2 weeks later I should go to the gynecologist and I will show him my results.

Thanks again for replying

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Hi, it is sad to hear about your recent losses, however you have come to the right supportive place for help. Do you have any up and coming appointments with your GP or at the hospital, the reason I ask, is that over on the right hand side of our forum we have recommended specialists, (under pinned posts), also on our charity website: The trio of disease often mentioned by Prof Hughes himself is Hughes Syndrome/APS, Sjogrens DIsease and a Thyroid problem. So it is pretty vital to test for your Thyroid activity, and a lot of us order our own tests on line, as usually the GP only orders the TSH test which is notoriously poor for diagnosis, you need to test your Thyroid antibodies and a few other things.

I would also in detail look at your B12, your folate and your Ferritin alongside vitamin D.


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