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Does anyone else experience head pain where randomly you'll feel like your head is being intensely squeezed/spinned for a couple of seconds?

I have had headaches all of my life (chronic migraines/ tension headaches- it's hereditary) but also I have had this kind of randomly excruciating pain in my head unlike any other headache, and it basically makes my head super tense and squeezed for a few seconds, then goes away. However, in the last couple of days it seems to be doing it like every 20 minutes or so. Any thoughts as to what this is?

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I have experienced something that may be similar over the years. I feel it usually at the base of my skull/neck area. Lasts a few seconds and then dissipates. It is something that has occurred over many years now, but very irregularly and there can be a long period without anything at all.



Have you been diagnosed with APS/Hughes Syndrome?



Are you on any anticoagulation-drug for your APS?


Ditto above. We can't diagnose. We'e not qualified. We can compare symptoms but head aches can have so very many causes. And often a remedy for the pain of one possible cause could worsen a pain with a different cause.

Have you spoken with your doctor about this? If you want to do something, both to help a diagnosis and to help you feel that you are doing something, try keeping a chart detailing dates, duration and severity of your pains as well as life habits such as food, exercise, stressing events, sniffles, etc. You may then find a pattern which can help you and your doctor reach a conclusion.


Search for ice pick headaches, symptoms sound like the nerve issues that are related to this type of headache. Have you recently changed your pillow or done anything that could compress the nerve from the back of your neck


Never knew that they had been classified. Thanks.


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