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Advise on new meds

Hi! I have been taking warfrin and hydroxcloquine for 4 yrs after bring diagnosed with APS after having my son. I have been experiencing lots of headaches, muzzy head days and finding it very hard to meet target inr for a long time now. Anyway to cut a long story short i have been to see professor D'Cruz at guys hospital in London and have been changed over to aspirin and clexane injections. I am so happy to try new meds and im hoping to get gd results from it 😀

Can i please ask if there is anything i need to avoid while on these meds....i completely forgot to ask as i was so relived at the end of my appointment. Many thanks for any advise or tips in advance 😃😃😃

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Don't take Aspirin on an empty stomach, just eat something small or take with meals.

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Brilliant thank u very much 👍


Eat anything you like, inject in alternate places and have aspirin after food.

I was on combination of clexane, aspirin and clopidogrel daily for over 10 years and worked well for me.

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