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Migraine symptoms/preventative meds

The most recent doc I've seen thinks most of my neurological symptoms are migraine related, even though the pain is usually very mild or nonexistent.

I have a few tests scheduled, but if it turns out to actually be migraines, the doc suggests, preventative meds.

Does anyone here take such meds? Do they work? Are there side affects that may make them not worth taking?

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When I started on Warfarin my migraines stopped for 7 years, then came back.

My neurologist prescribed low dose Amitriptyline and that stopped them dead.



Is that the generic name for an anti depressant? the name seems familiar to me and I may have taken it before.

Is it a preventative?


Yes it is.

the starting dose as an anti-depressant is 75mg but for migraine prophylactic use and as a muscle relaxant around 20mg is used.

Yes it's a preventative.


Prior to warfarin I suffered terribly with migraines.

I tried various preventatives such as propranolol, topirimate and took anti sickness meds and sumatripton when I had one.

Nothing at all worked for me so I stopped taking them. I started warfarin and ive only had 2 since. I have a box of migraleve on standby just in case. Previous to warfarin I had between 1-3 a week and they were utterly disabling.


I thought that warfarin should help with the migraine. How is your migraine? Do you have Auras and zigzag-patterns, or pain for some minutes only or headache for a whole day? Do you have high bloodpressure?

I started with Metoprololsuccinat but I also had high bloodpressure. I know this drug may help with migraine also.



I have the auras you mentioned plus a couple others. The auras last about 15 minutes. Used to be I'd get a really bad headache after, but the past year or so, not much if any pain follows.

I did have headaches almost constantly, but that has subsided since TMJ treatment. I don't have high blood pressure.


I tried many preventative methods, and I can't really say anything worked that well, except menopause. Now I have daily sinus type headaches, but aspirin helps quite a bit with them. I took so much imitrex that it stopped working for me, but it was good while it worked.


I don't remember if it was imitrex or not, but years ago I took a preventative and it made me feel horrible. Worse than the headaches.


Imitrex isn't a preventative, unless you are feeling a migraine coming on. It is a treatment for migraine, but works on the source of the migraine, so it is not just a pain reliever like codeine. It worked great for me for awhile, but I had too many migraines, so it just stopped working.


Good luck with finding some relief.


I had those Auras which started with a blind small spot, where I could not see anything. Then some minutes afterwards the zig-zac patterns started and they got bigger and wider. Took perhaps 10 minutes and very little headache, only a dull feeling.

I had all the other eyeproblems also but after warfarin they are gone.

I can have some Auras today but not so often and not so widespread like before warfarin. They can be triggered by bright light I have found and also by stress.

I believe we have some sort of migraine caused by our too thick blood. We have small clots.

You are on warfarin and your headaches are much better now. Try to be in the right level with the INR of course. I have read that som people with APS also take baby-Aspirin plus Warfarin. Perhaps you could ask your APS-doctor if that could be a good idea.


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My spouse does Not have Hughes, but does suffer from really bad migraines. We're still trying to get to the bottom of it, but i do wonder if she does not drink enough water and that could be the cause in her case.

We just obtained sumatriptan from her GP which is a pill you take at the onset of a headache, actually ½ pill, wait two hours and take the other ½ if need be. Also have Phenergen, Reglen, and Zofran and Ativan to help at home. Because my spouse drives a lot in occupation anything that could effect driving cannot be used.

I do have a recent list of medications that are given IV once we have to go to the hospital which has worked beautifully. So we're grateful to have found an ER doctor after 6 years of migraines that actually came up with a concoction that stops the headache completely.

I believe this is in actual order and all was given via an iv push or drip:

1) Sodium Chloride 0.9% bolus 1,000mL

2) Metoclopromide (Reglan) 5mg/mL injection

3) Ketorolac (Toradol) injection 30 mg

4) Ondansetron (Zofran) injection 8mg

5) Dihydroergotamine (DHE) injection 1mg

6) magnesium sulfate 2 g/50 mL IVPB 2g

7) Ondansetron (Zofran) injection 8mg

8) Sodium Chloride 0.9% bolus 1,000mL


Hope this helps when your migraine has gone too far and there was no other choice, but to go to emergency room.


I think you need to be referred to a Headache specialist so you can find out exactly what kind of headache you have so that you can be prescribed the correct medication for it. There are many types of migraine, cluster headaches, TAC's and things in between. If you just get prescribed something to control symptoms and it is not the correct drug you will, as others have said above make things worse and then not know what is what.

Trust me, from someone who has a headache condition which was intractable, you need to know what you are dealing with and if it is a headache condition or side effect of your APS.

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Cluster headaches are treated well with oxygen! Xx but as APsnotFab says you really should try and see a headache specialist! My daughter's under one now - amitriptyline doesn't work for her, nor does proprananol, but we're working our way through the drugs 'suite' to see what does work! (So far it's a 400mg neurogenic express and domperidone for the sickness! Good luck!


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