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Kelley and Ryan This morning

Toni Braxton Said she has Lupus and Kelley knew it is an auto immune system blood problem !! to me is describing APS with the clotting problem . Effects her flying to Russia -her body's auto immune system attacking her WOW and how it doesn't work properly , and she made mention of another star with this disease BUT i was in the Kitchen didn't get it -- some of you can view it later on this morning .. Kelley out in Texas -you are two hours away so you can get more out of it than i because i wasn't expecting this to come out of her !!

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Oh my gosh- I am so clueless about “ the world around me...” when it comes to popular media. We don’t even have cable! ( I was at my office at work yesterday when you posted...)

Who are Kelly and Ryan? I think it’s kelly from Regis and kelly but Ryan is his replacement?

I know who Tony is- she amazing. We’ve seen her in NYC on Broadway some years ago.

Very sorry to hear she is sick. It sure sounds like lupus/ APS stellar combo. “Two for the price of one rheum special.”


The other celebrity with lupus is Salina Gomez, there are quite a few more famous people that have lupus like Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock

Courtney Cox (Friends) has Antiphospholipid syndrome,


Thanks I didn't know this- This is the way to bring attention to our cause


If there is a way of putting the clip on here from the TV, do feel free to. MaryF


I don't know how - i wish i was so much better than i am - i am so limited. Sorry M


When i was in school we couldn't even get caught using Calculators !! no kidding . I can't us a computer OR a lot of electronic's in that matter BUT i can do long math which here in this country they stopped teaching students years ago - i went to a large store and the register went down but the cash draw was open i paid fora $14.95 item with a $20.00 bill and the young cashier couldn't figure my change !! So i guess i can do somethings -- i can't even reset my watch every six months !!!


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