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Cranberry Sauce

A trivial question tonight friend's... so Christmas and turkey is coming! 🎄

My question is : while on warfarin are we allowed cranberry sauce?

If not are we allowed red current sauce instead?

I love my sauces so alternative suggestions would be helpful thank you! 💋

Are there any do's and don't's over Christmas?

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Kerstin- this question is for you- living in Scandinavia, I became a real fan of lingonberries- at Christmas here I use them stirred with a tiny bit of sugar ( just a tiny tiny bit) and reduction of fresh raspberries- in sauce.

So... what does our Swedish friend do about Lingonberries? Because it’s a wonderful replacement for cranberries. ( taste wise...)

Not sure about INR...


Wait... are Lingonberries the same thing as red currents?


Hi my friends!

I do not eat lingonberries or raspberries for Christmas so I do not know. As to Warfarin you have to look it up but i guess you eat just a little of it anyway so it should not be a big problem I guess.

As you can see I was not good at this question so please others you have to help WendyWoo50.

A very happy and merry Christmas all the same from Stockholm!



I have replaced cranberry sauce with red current jelly. Also use apple sauce too and pickles.


I was told cranberries affect your Inr but I put it to the test as my Inr is quite stable I added a couple of tablespoonfuls of dried cranberries to my morning muesli and my Inr stayed exactly the same.


Well I was told it's cranberry juice we can't have.I eat cranberry sauce. I actually eat a jar every 2/3 weeks as I like it with mackerel


My experience is as above- cranberry sauce, oe even a bit of dried cranberries does not raise my INR noticibly. Its the juice that sets it up. So I continue to sauce my holidays-I just dont juice them.


Well a good collection of replies here, close monitoring of the INR with any new food/regime is advisable, however the juice is a no no. MaryF


Even with my WACKY - extremely unstable INR - sauce hasn't been a bother BUT i stay a long way from the juice as well as pineapple and grapefruit, ------- this is me but those of you who know me know i am some times the acception to the rule !!! :-)


Hi interesting to read this certainly might try a little bit of cranberry with my turkey at Christmas my problem is I ate 1 sprout and my inr dropped I was so looking forward to having them know my Christmas dinner they always seem to affect me and there my favorite


Go to Pt and enter it in the “vitamin k finder” box, this should help. Happy festivities everyone!


I googled but couldn't find it 😞


You missed the PT off the front, it's


Wendy, I was told definitely no cranberries when I started on Warfarin it's not a big deal to me hope you can manage to enjoy Christmas dinner without

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Well, to throw another variant of reply into the mix, I have been repeatedly told "no cranberries" - in any form. The information with the warfarin tablets is also clear that the problem is "cranberry juice and cranberry products". I have asked if I can take small amounts, and been told "no safe limit", there is not even a known LD50 (median lethal dose).

The cranberry-warfarin interaction is nothing to do with vit k content - it raises INR for a start - and it can be catastrophic with well into double figure INRs and several past fatalities in the UK. Worst thing is they don't even know what it is in cranberries that does it, so there could be other far less common foods out there that will have similar effect but we don't know yet.

The thing to remember about warfarin is that due to the convoluted way it is metabolised only around 1% of the warfarin taken actually gets used to reduce vit k, anything that affects the way it is metabolised therefore has the potential to give us huge overdoses.

I love cranberry sauce, used to make it with fresh cranberries and port in season, but no longer. The year I went on warfarin, fresh cranberries arrived in the shops two weeks after - too late for me to even have a last fix.

I used to think xmas dinner would just be sadly leaving the cranberry sauce, but I now tend to tell people I am allergic to them (not "don't open a packet near me" or "nothing made in a factory that ever handled cranberries" allergic but "definitely do not give me any"). This is following an xmas dinner (not at home) where it turned out that the turkey was basted in cranberry butter (as were the roast potatoes), the stuffing was all something-and-cranberry, some of the veg had cranberries added, and both dessert choices had dried cranberries in too. Pigs-in-blankets and sprouts was about it. Lesson learned.


Thank you everyone.

Well I've been having it once every week oh dear. Best get out the red current? Are they ok?


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