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Does Nick Cannon have Hughe's Syndrome?

Check out this article... What he is describing is Hughe's syndrome/APS by the sounds of it! First kidney issues, then multiple clots in his lungs?? (

SORRY the link is so long, not sure why but its Yahoo....

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Sorry, that link wont paste well. I shortened it with Bitly, this one should work

"Nick Cannon Reveals He Was Hospitalized For Blood Clots In His Lungs"


wow yes just read it it so does sound like that shame he didnt mention hughes or aps to put more media onto this condition thanks for sharing kathy xx


He could have lupus as well or just lupus. Blacks have a much higher incidence of lupus but not for APS. As far as I know APS has no preferences other than much higher incidence in women.


Also, if he is newly diagnosed he may still have a million questions about APS and still be trying to figure it all out.


true very intresting tho!



Or maybe it's not aps.


Well I certainly hope it isn't for his sake. It's a crappy diagnosis for anyone.

I could be wrong but think I have seen data that shows up to 20-40% of PE's under 40 can be attributed to APS?

I just hope he gets better soon and finds out the cause and gets good treatment so he stays healthy.


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