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Why does being prescribed warfarin seem overwhelming?

I collapsed Mon.Diagnosed in E&A with bloodclots on both lungs. Started Warfarin prog Tuesday. Because I live so close to Hospital I was sent home Wed. Now i have to take daily amounts, set by blood test, of warfarin til I stabilise at 2.5. The clots should clear from my system within six months..Cant work during this period.but can get Disability parking badge Still under Hosp assessment not GP. Am I really now Disabled. Is this really so serious. What can I do or expect.Comments welcome. Thanks.

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Have you been diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome/APS?



Really. Warfarin is used to treat a lot of conditions and without knowing what your diagnosis is we can not offer relavant comments beyond the info you can find at the (google " Coumadin") pharmaceutical web site.


I am a total novice in this experience. All I understand is that 4 days ago I went right to the Gateway and only through the work of a fantastic team at Sunderland Royal hospital I am still here and breathing. But the diverse responses to my circumstances are a bit of a shock. I am currently in the process of being stabilised on Warfarin and no doubt the full diagnosis will be explained to me once this is complete. Until then I am in something of a void of uncertainty. But, that's Life and Life is good. Thanks everyone.


I am glad you are still breathing with or without APS. Do not forget to come back to us if you have got APS!

Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm


Thank you for this kind thought.


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