Why does being prescribed warfarin seem overwhelming?

I collapsed Mon.Diagnosed in E&A with bloodclots on both lungs. Started Warfarin prog Tuesday. Because I live so close to Hospital I was sent home Wed. Now i have to take daily amounts, set by blood test, of warfarin til I stabilise at 2.5. The clots should clear from my system within six months..Cant work during this period.but can get Disability parking badge Still under Hosp assessment not GP. Am I really now Disabled. Is this really so serious. What can I do or expect.Comments welcome. Thanks.

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  • Hello

    Have you been diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome/APS?


  • Really. Warfarin is used to treat a lot of conditions and without knowing what your diagnosis is we can not offer relavant comments beyond the info you can find at the (google " Coumadin") pharmaceutical web site.

  • I am a total novice in this experience. All I understand is that 4 days ago I went right to the Gateway and only through the work of a fantastic team at Sunderland Royal hospital I am still here and breathing. But the diverse responses to my circumstances are a bit of a shock. I am currently in the process of being stabilised on Warfarin and no doubt the full diagnosis will be explained to me once this is complete. Until then I am in something of a void of uncertainty. But, that's Life and Life is good. Thanks everyone.

  • I am glad you are still breathing with or without APS. Do not forget to come back to us if you have got APS!

    Best wishes to you from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you for this kind thought.

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