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Accupuncture? Yay or nay?


I was curious if anyone with APS gets acupuncture treatments. One of my doctors told me not to but I was wondering if any of you do and if you've found it beneficial. I used to go occasionally before I was diagnosed.

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Read my bio for my history. I had used it for several months to help with my stroke symptoms and found it very beneficial. I no longer do it but I can't remember why I stopped, I'm sure it wasn't because if a problem though, as I would have remembered that😉

My doctor recommended it to me for relief of pain caused by aps. However I was a wimp and nearly passed out after the first needle haha

I tried accupuncture for several months years ago. It did not help me. Nancy


Yay but not yet - I have just been prescribed by my surgeon to have physio and acupuncture, started on the physio but my phsiotherapist wants to wait and see how I get on before starting acupuncture, he is concerned with bleeding. Great thing is he does both, so he can get to know me and he is NHS.

Yay! I have had courses of Accupuncture on and off for about 25 years. I'm currently having it on the NHS.

I was being given it on the NHS via the pain clinic but when I started on Warfarin she refused to do it continue. My current acupuncturist does not understand why.

Go for it I think it helps me have more energy and with the pain! X

Yay, I have it once a month, a private practitioner can be better than the NHS as they tend to focus on acupuncture for pain relief and it is useful for so much more than that.

My acupuncturist never draws blood, also i suffer with behcets but have never had a lesion or ulcer as a result of a needle.

Acupuncture definitely helps me with relaxation, better sleep, stress relief and pain relief which i think minimises the symptoms of my condition.

I had acupuncture many years ago when I was trying to postpone the hip replacement. I expressed my concerns since I was on warfarin to my acupuncturist and she explained that she knew how to avoid hitting major arteries, and that most other acupuncturist who are properly certified also know how to avoid them. The treatment did help a bit, but ultimately the arthritis was so advanced that I had to get the hip replaced. And all has been well with that joint ever since,

Two thumbs up. I've been having acupuncture treatments for a long time and it helps me a lot. A licensed acupuncturist is very safe for us APSers.

Yay. I use it quite regularly and find it really helpful. X

i can't imagine a well informed Doc giving you that advice. I have regular acupuncture treatments and they alleviate pain that no other modality does. Some docs feel it is fake medicine but a third of the world has used it for many millennia. Just get a good practitioner and carry on.

Have had acupuncture recommended by one of my consultants, never got round to actually doing it though. None of my doctors have told me not to, nor advised that is contraindicated for APS or warfarin.

There is one BUT though, which my GP emphasised, which is that some acupuncture practitioners do it as part of "Traditional Chinese Medicine". Avoid that - definite potential for bad interactions with warfarin (and no one knows what with APS).


Lots of our members use this, I did briefly but it did not suit me. Down to the person who did it really, MaryF

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