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Took meds I remember doc/Neurologist told me years ago

Hi i kinda recalled what Neurologist told me to do when I had mini stroke years ago in my 20's!, he told me to take Valium when I got home had cat scan! This was in the 1970's and he showed me and called it a mini stroke! But it showed on scan! I then had tia's after my son came early cuz I had hi bp and problems during my pregnancy ! Thank god I had him for the best 24 yrs of my life! I try to keep up with everything, but having no leg, I'm very stubborn and refuse to ask for help from anyone! I refuse disability cuz I'm perfectly capable to work and since I'm so honest have no idea how to work the system so anything my son or hubby entity to I don't get cuz I fill out applications wrong! Lol... right now I had to call in sick on bright sunny day! I cat move my head a quarter of an inch! Going to sleep and hope I didn't cause this to happen wen I forgot my shots her n there! GODSPEED to Y'all! Any suggestions wud be appreciated! Coffee and ibuprofen help but on Lovenox/Enoxaparin shots and can't do that!

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Call your doc and ask for suggestion on what you can take, if need be maybe you can take flexaril, pro nounced: flex-a-rill, it is a muscle relaxer and can help your muscles relax. You would need a prescription and it is a fairly cheap med. I don't know if it can be taken with enoxaparin though so make sure you ask about it. Good luck Debweb🍀


I would give you best doctor a ring, and ask for some help. I hope all goes well. MaryF


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