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Pulse Ox levels

I have been on a CPAP machine and then a BIPAP machine at night to keep me breathing since 1996.

Recently had a pulse ox monitoring test at nights which determines if the oxygen levels in your blood remain in normal range at night. It a little clip you put in your finger and it records your pulse oxygen levels. It should be 94%or greater. My oxygen level was too low at 88% part of the time at night.

Now I will need oxygen supplementation at night. What a pain. I can put Oxygen Concentrating machine right next to the Bipap Machine which is right next to my pacemaker monitoring device. This is getting to be a bit much.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on if it is a likely result of APS problems or something separate?

Just wondering.

Nancy in West Virginia

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Interesting...will be interested in the answers you receive.


Hi Nancy

I cant offer any advice I'm afraid, as at this stage I dont even know what I have - am being tested for APS and scleroderma. But just wanted to wish you the best. Sounds like you are dealing with an awful lot atm; not to mention a room full of high tech medical equipment. Trouble with these AI type illnesses seems to be that one thing leads to another and you end up with a great deal to have to cope with. Hope that your oxygen level gets back towards normal soon.

best wishes

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Thank you charlieab, you, like everyone else on this forum, are so nice!

Good luck to you too.


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