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How do you increase ferritin levels without messing up INR?


I have just been told that I am borderline anaemic and that my ferritin levels are extremely low at 8 with the range being 12 - 291! I also have no idea why I am so anaemic either

Normally i would eat loads of green veg and liver etc to bring up my levels of ferritin, but this obviously is a no no.

I have been put on a double strength course of iron tablets for 2 months but all they do is upset my stomach so would rather find an alternative.

Any suggestions would be fab - thanks :)

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Hi tired mum

I did read something about this so will see if I can dig it up I hope you get a better response and once I find the doc will post it


tiredmum in reply to paddyandlin

Thanks Paddy, any info would be fab :)


I know this is a long shot but has your thyroid been tested... it is often a knock on of having an autoimmune disease for this go get affected? Just a possible line of inquiry - Mary x

tiredmum in reply to MaryF

Hi Mary,

have been back to docs today, they won't do any tests until they get the report from the hospital. However she did tell me that my blood tests taken over a month ago showed i was anaemic then, but they just ignored it!

Will ask again next time I go


MaryFAdministrator in reply to tiredmum

It is so often ignored. Lots of people with autoimmune disease including ours... have this... I have poor adrenal function, which is now improving... and also I have hypothyroidism. Best wishes. Mary F

Hi Tiredmum

I have anaemia too and I can't tolerate the normal forms of iron. I take Solgar Gentle Iron. I have found it to be fantastic! It is in the form of ferrous bisgylcinate (I hope I've spelt that correctly!) and doesn't upset your stomach or cause constipation. You can buy it in any health food shop. KJay x

tiredmum in reply to KJay

Thanks Kjay, will look into this :)

I too have the same problem. I recently saw a haemoaologist to ask about swapping from warfarin to heparin and she frightened the life out of me by saying because I was anaemic and had low ferritin I probably had a bowel cancer or something. I had no reason to suspect this at all, and the obvious reason would be being a women of a certain age ie 50. She wanted all manner of tests done some invasive I basically ran away from her.

Anyway my ferritin is 5 and hamoglobin 10.5. I have always been unable to tolerate iron pills so won't have them and on warfarin do not eat dark green veg. So consquently I have been like this for over 4 years and I think my body has got used to it.

However I heard about Spatone Iron Supplement and I am now taking that. It is a small amount of iron rich water, it is milder than pills so gives no side effects. The pharmacist told me it takes about 3 months to build up iron but I take the apple flavour so don't mind waiting 3 months. I have done one month so far. The plain one can be got on prescription but sadly it tastes like nails so I pay for the flavoured one.

Gosh sorry that was so long.

tiredmum in reply to Jade

Hi jade,

will look into this as soooo fed up with upset stomach due to one tablet or another.

Thanks :)

I was found to be anemic when I was 4 years old (I am now 57.) And the anemia persisted for . . . decades. I have always liked liver and green leafy veggies (isn't it ironic that the person who actually LIKES this stuff is put on warfarin and now must limit or avoid it?) But despite eating lots of liver and kale, the anemia persisted.

Then I accidentally found I have Celiac Disease. Within 3 months of going on a gluten free diet my hemeglobin, hematocrit all rose to normal levels (as well as Ca, AND the Ig factors all fell to "normal.") I hope your doc tested you for Celiac, but -- just in case -- you might consider an undiagnosed food allergy messing with your intestine's ability to absorb iron.

Since I spent nearly all of my life in iron depletion I never realized how it was cutting into my energy levels. I have always loved to hike. Imagine my surprise when I take a trail I have hiked all my life up a steep mountain and find that AT AGE 50 (!) I can spring up the trail without stopping to pant as I breeze by the places I, at age 20, had paused to catch my breath.


There is a prescription iron that does not hurt your stomach as much. My iron level was 7 once & the dr office called my house & gave the message to my mother for me to start on iron immediately-- she called me at work.

HI I am just curious why a number of people have said they should avoid or limit their green veg intake on warfarin. I am a bit of a veggie holic !! and Dr Hughes told me it is not eating green veg that is the problem it is the consistency of what you eat that is important, as i understand you can eat large amount of green vegetables (which quite often have high vitamin K content) but as long as your warfarin dose is matched with your diet it is fine. It helps that I self test and have been doing so now for about 8 years and i know that when i travel for cant eat the same amount of the green stuff that I eat at home and adjust my warfarin does to compensate accordingly. Over the years it is something i have got used to. Just thought this might help some of you like me that cant cope with a diet that doesnt contain lots of salad and veggies.

Hugs to all


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