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Help I know nothing about antiphlosiphid syndrome

I got diagnosed with antiphlosiphid syndrome about 5 years ago after being referred to the infertility clinc they did blood test and told me that's what I have and that's it I've had no information no other blood test nothing I've been diagnosed with arthritis to I just don't know where to go to get more information about this disease.


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Hi and welcome, firstly you have arrived in the right place for information and support, and secondly it would help if you told us where you are located, as if in the UK we have a list of specialists who you and your GP will find useful. You may also need to consider checking your levels of vitamin D, B12 and Iron as if these are out, plus your thyroid not quite up to speed, can cause you to feel rather unwell. Often the trio of disease is Hughes Syndrome/APS, Sjogrens Disease and Thyroid problems. MaryF


Thank you. I live in wiltshire near Bath. I have had one successful pregnancy that included taking asprin and heparin injections for over the 9 months. Regular scans and I was induced because of aps. But that's it is have not had any check ups or blood test. It's like I've been labbled and have to find out myself. All my gps don't understand it or know about it.


As a pinned post over on the right hand side, is a list of recommended specialists area by area, it would be good if you had one of those, it would be in the best interest of your GP also to have one on board. MaryF


As Mary has given you advice I suggest you have a good look round this Forum as there is plenty of info on here.

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