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Physio deep tissue massage


Hi all,

I've been suffering for some months with sciatica (prolapsed disc) and have recently started Physio (paid privately)

So far it has been great but yesterday she did a deep tissue massage on my lower back and leg and now it's super sore to the touch and leg is throbbing. There's a bruise coming up but it also feels hot, although doesn't feel hot when touched.

My INR is currently 4 and in range and she is fully aware I'm on warfarin.

I'm now wondering whether message is a good idea on warfarin and if anyone else has had any problems with sports/Physio massage.

I have a consultant appointment next week so will raise it then but any real life experience would be much appreciated.

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Should say back is bruised not my leg.


Gentle massage rather than deep tissue massage is recommended for those on Warfarin, I think you need a check up if things do not improve. It is not advised to have deep tissue massage when on Warfarin. MaryF

Thanks both.

I'm wondering if she tried too much too soon.

It's frustrating as I can always get relief from sciatica from standing up straight or lying flat but I can't get any Relief from the pain.

My hot water bottle and cocodomol is definately my friend tonight.

Hi I have recently been in a car accident i had a transit van go into the back of me while i was at a stand still waiting on traffic lights to change , i am having physo and as soon as its a deep massage my back throbs for ages and becomes even more painful but was told it will help in the end.

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