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Will hydroxychloroquine interfere with beta 2 glycoprotein test?

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I've seen a rheumatologist for the 1st time today and he said about trying on hydroxychloroquine but wants me to have another beta 2 glycoprotein test. Will this medication interfere with test and make it come back negative?

I've already tested positive twice 12 weeks apart, but he said because i had covid the beginning of the year it could have come back positive because of covid.

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I'm really not sure and can't find out for you? Did he not take the blood test today?

If its a matter of a few days of testing before trying the Hydroxychloroquine then maybe delay starting?

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Charts in reply to HollyHeski

He wanted to wait another 4 weeks. I think I'll hold off taking it just in case.

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Charts

Make sure they do eye tests, so any changes can be spotted. MaryF

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Charts in reply to MaryF

Yes he did say it could effect the eyes. Im holding off taking it until I do another blood test

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Charts

My daughter is on it and doing fine, (Plaquenil), it did not suit me due to my extreme drug allergies. She had her eyes thoroughly checked before commencing, and since starting, yearly. MaryF

Hello,I can only speak from personal experience. I’ve been on hydroxy for 7 years and my antibodies have always remained extremely high. But I appreciate this May not be the case for everyone.

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