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Eye Eye

Hello, I hope many of you had a relatively pain free Christmas. I have developed a painful eye, which my wife tells me is a small spot on the eyelid. She has had a Stye before so she thinks that a Stye is the most likely diagnosis. It has cropped up in the last three days and interrupted my sleep on Boxing day eve. I already have Glaucoma and treat that with Travertan every evening. Apart from keeping it clean is there anything else I should be doing?

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I suppose I would be consider getting an appointment if it is not improving due to your underlying autoimmune condition, if your GP is not open, or full, you can try 111, I hope you get better soon . MaryF


While you should absolutely go to the doctor, I will share how I treated my chalazion - which is pretty darned close to a stye, only it isn't as painful. It is a blocked duct. The same treatment goes for a stye. Do NOT pinch it. It spreads infection within the lid and possibly into the eye. Use as warm as you can tolerate damp cloths on the eye at least 4 times a day to bring it to a head or to help soften whatever it is that might be blocking a duct. Wash the area morning and night with Baby shampoo that promises no more tears. I also use an old eye wash cup to rinse my eye with mild salt water solutions, fresh each time. Now, while this entire method is safe, considering the glaucoma, a doctor might be best....and remember, do not squeeze that stye if it comes to a head. Warm compress to help it come to a head and drain on its own. Good luck.


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