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Light headedness and eye twitch

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Just wandering if anyone has had the feeling of extreme light headedness and at the same time the left eye twitches. This has happened twice over the past 6 months and lasts for about one minute.

Inr is 3.


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Hi, yes I had lightheadedness twitching eye and also mouth. When I was on treatment most of it went. But considering I had it all the time I am much better. Best of luck Regards Diane

Hallo there,

I have read that you live in Sydney and are on warfarin with an INR of 2.0 - 3.0.

You have also bee looking for a Specialist of APS there.

I wonder if you have found a Specialist now?

This is exstremely important with this rare illness as so very, very few doctors understand what it is all about - too thick and sticky blood that has to be anticoagulated propperly and with an INR high enough to keep us protected from clots, embolies, DVTs and strokes etc etc ....

We need an INR most of us over 3.5 to feel normal. I had neurolgical problems from my eye (one eye always) like you and also double-vision and Vertigo etc. I had Micro-embolies I have been told and was ok after warfarin. This is 4 years ago.

Most probably you need a much higher INR if you are still on that therapeutic level of course. We are no doctors here only have this illness!

Take care and stay with us

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

I got rid of the eye twitches with a B-complex vitamin. Check with your healthcare provider before adding something new to the mix, though.

Hi. Thank you for your replies. I have found a specialist in Sydney which is a big relief. I also try to keep my inr at 3 and do feel better. I have a visit with him at the end of the month so I will discuss the symptoms with him.

Ok for me this happens when my INR drops - I get seious head nd chest pin and because I've had this disorder for so long I can actually tell the INR Level. Personally I need to be over 3.0 for me to be symptom free

Yes i frequently have eye twitchs and tongue tingling. It is a very strange sensation. Hope you like you new dr! Good luck!

I have this, can,t offer any advice though, I get it for a few weeks and then it goes, never thought to ask my specialist about it

These are my pre symptoms before I had my stroke. It was only in my left eye. My eye would have this strange feeling & I literally could not see with both eyes open. I could cover it & have vision but not with both eyes. This would last for a couple of mintues. Have not had a single episode since my stroke.

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