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Rituxan (Rituxamab) - Worth looking into with your doctor to help with APS symptoms (especially headaches)

I was first diagnosed with APS over 8 years ago. The headaches have been my primary complaint the whole time, as I never had them at all before being diagnosed with APS. I've tried everything imaginably possible to relieve the headaches including watching my INR closer (my target is 3.0 to 4.0) and going to 3 different Neurologists trying over a dozen different headache meds that didn't work. I even tried Xarelto (which resulted in me having a stroke 7 months later) and Lovenox shots (same thing as Fragmin) with no luck.

However, I just finished my first series of four I.V. Infusions of a drug called Rituxan (Rituxamab) that was recommended by several specialists, including those at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I am excited to say for the first time in 8+ years, I'm seeing a change in the severity of my headaches. Doctor says it will take 2-3 months to see in my blood tests how well the Rituxan is eliminating the APS cells in my body, but it has a proven track record to work. Most likely we will need to do another series of infusions in February, but I'm ready for it based on the results I'm already seeing and feeling.

Rituxan is a Biotherapy, and not Chemotherapy, so it is much safer. I had no side effects at all from receiving the Rituxan.

It might be worth asking your doctor about this Rituxan. So far, I'm a believer in it that it works.

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Different drug regimes suit different people, one size does not fit all, as has been shown in your case, so glad something is currently working for you. Thank you for the up date. MaryF


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